Makeup Tutorial: Peachy Makeup


Hi Gals! 
This weeks tutorial is with some of my favorite eye shadows!
I use Majolica Majorca's palettes a lot, and the peach eye shadow is a big favorite of mine! As such this look also became a favorite of mine*^^* So I hope you will like it as much as I do.


A. Apply white shimmer eyeshadow on your eyelid.
B. Apply shimmer cream eyeshadow under your eye and contour it.
C. Apply peachy eyeshadow on half of the eye.
D. Apply light brown  under the eye.
E. Apply dark brown on 1/3 under the eye.
F. Apply eyeliner, liquid and kohl on the upper waterline for a fuller look.


The lenses are Twinkle Eye in Gray kindly sponsored to Lea by PinkiCon!!!
Check out PinkiCon and use our coupon code "A24680000" for a 5$ off of yearly lenses!^^

Hope you liked this tutorial♡

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