Sponsored Review♡ Twinkle Eyes Grey from Pinkicon

Hi guys!
As you might have seen if you follow us on instagram, we got sponsored some contacts from Pinkicon. Pinkicon is a Hong Kong based company that deals with contacts along with many other things, such as wigs, makeup and fujifilm cameras! (So much want)

As a surprise we got some iFairy dailies, but today I (Lea) want to do a review on Twinkle Eyes Grey.
Having seen them a few years back I gave up hope on ever getting any from the Twinkle Eyes series as I never found them with prescription. However, recently they have been available with strength as well. When I then saw that Pinkicon had them for sale, I got so immensely happy that of course I chose them! I need to one day try the other colors :)

You might have guessed if you know who my favorite model is, but I wanted these contacts because of Sayoko Ozaki~

But let's just get on with the review! So click on "Read full post" if you are interested!

Here you can see the packaging that they came in, and for those of you who are unfamiliar with how dailies are packed, here they are~
It's really convenient as you just pop off the contact, open and put in your eye!

You can also see on the packaging when the contacts expire. But most of the time, like with these,  they don't expire until after three years or so^^
So there is plenty of time to use them up!

Here you can see Twinkle Eyes, and how they look on my eyes.
I have naturally grey eyes so they blend really well.

♥Brand - Twinkle Eyes
♥DIA - 14.5mm
♥Water Content: 38%
♥B.C. - 8.7mm
♥Life Span - Daily
♥Country of origin - Taiwan

Colour : 
The color is really pretty and blends well with my own color. It is also very bright, so I am very glad that they brighten up my eyes, rather than making them dark.

Design : 
The design is in a way similar to nudy contacts, but what makes them different however are the white lines that are a part of the design. The outer ring is not black, but rather some brown color, making them look really soft.

Enlargement : 
Have good enlargement, while still being rather natural looking.
Comfort :   
Compared to other dailies I have tried, these are not the most comfortable I've had. But what they lack in comfort, they make up with other nice things :p

Over all rating:
I really like them! Now I just have to get the other colors, and you will ave a very very happy gal!

I hope you enjoyed this review!
If you are interested in getting contacts from Pinkicon, hop on over to their site and you can use our coupon code, which gives you a 5$ off any yearly contacts!


Thanks for reading and see you next time!

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