Makeup Tutorial: Soft Makeup Look with Twinkle Eyes in Gray

Hi Gals!

Today I want to show you a look that I did with my Majolica Majorca Majolook BR799.
For the look I used Twinkle Eyes in grey sponsored by Pinkicon, which I thought suited my look very well!

A. Apply base and light pink on top.
B. Apply shimmer cream eyeshadow under your eye and shade under it/
C. Apply gray-ish brown on half of the eyelid.
D. Apply dark brown on 1/3rd under the eye.
E. Apply eyeliner (Also on the upper waterline).

I'm sure you have noticed, but I like to stick to some certain elements that I always do each time, but I hope you enjoy my tutorials just as well^^
Like I mentioned earlier, the lenses are Twinkle Eyes in Gray sponsored by PinkiCon. You can use our coupon code"A24680000"for 5$ off yearly lenses, they also have an offer where you buy three lenses and get the fourth one free.

Review for Twinkle Eyes in Gray

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