Sushi Meetup♡

Hi gals!
On Monday we went to town to meet some friends and eat sushi~
We planned to meet at 5, however only the half (us included) arrived at a decent time, while everyone else came late around 6^^

 That's a lot of boobies!

Our look for the day~
Lea wearing her sponsored Shandy in Brown from Geeenie, and Emi wearing her Candy Magic Allure muse from Online Contacts.
I (Emi) actually did my eyeliner thinner than what I usually do and I really like how it came out! (But I was careful to fill out the waterline and between my lashes to give my eyelashes/liner a fuller look!^^) How do you gals like it?^^

Slowly but surely everyone started pouring in, but we met at a sushi place downtown Reykjavik, they do not have the best sushi, they however do have a conveyer belt and a decent place to sit at^^
We ate more than we planned (surprise surprise), but alongside the sushi we also had some chocolate mousse with a bit of a hint of licorice in it and a miso soup....

The miso soup was actually a let down to say the least...It had some spice in it that has a really peculiar taste, which I did not like,  it also had spring onions in it, which I like! HOWEVER! It is not as nice when you can just smell how old they are....
Then one of the weirdest one for me was that instead of wakame they had nori in it...maybe I just never experienced that in Japan, but for me it seems more kind of a western take on it? I have had it in ramen, and then just on top of it not soaked through.
Who knows? Maybe I am just being picky? Although I can tell you that without that spice thingy and spring onions it would have been a really nice soup!

After having fun and staying there for almost three hours (well us at least), we all split up!
But as we weren't going home yet we went with one of our friends to a cafe (Pic above, we call her stalker no.1! Hi Marty!^^).
Went to a cafe called Babalu, but me and Lea go there all the time, or well always when we want to go to a cafe! But they have such a nice atmosphere, good cocoa (But they are hard to get by as cafes often tend to sell bitter hot cocoas....much to our dislike), and even some board games!

We played a board game called "Game of Life", its really fun, but kind of too simple and short I would say. I lost btw....I am really unlucky at this game, its really important to buy houses, get action cards and get children, but somehow I tend to pass those spots when I play it....So I loose....><
But still fun non the less!

But yeah! All in all we had a fun day, as it is always great being able to meet friends!^^
Hopefully we will have more stuff on our plates in the coming future so that we can post more personal posts like these! ^^

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