Talking Makeup: Candy Doll Lip Stick&Lip Gloss

Hi gals!
It's time for another installment of Talking Makeup! Last time we talked about Majolica Majorca's Jeweling Eyes no.80, but now we want to talk about two of our favorites, the Candy Doll lipstick in Ramune Pink and lip gloss in Strawberry Milk.

We never get tired of getting new Candy Doll products, as they are always so pretty!
As for the lip gloss they actually came out with a new packaging last year, and it is so cute, and now we have both of them!
Which was kind of an flunk, as we had forgotten... but no harm done as we love the color!

The old vs. the new!

We really like the design of the new lip gloss, so cute! A lot cuter than the old one which is quite plain in my opinion.

We only have the old version of the lipstick, I however have seen pictures of the new version, and that one is quite simple and elegant in my opinion. Would love to have it, but we already have two of these, as we got them in a lucky bag.

The packaging is really nice though!

The colors are so nice! The brush on the lip gloss is really simple and easy to use.

 Lipstick-Lip Gloss-Lipstick+Lip Gloss

The lipstick is really pigmented and covers well, while the gloss doesn't have much color in it. It however does have a shimmer in it and makes your lips look really plump. Lea is also quite sensitive to lip sticks and glosses that have some taste, so if you are the same you can be happy to know that these two have no taste at all!

 <-- Only the lipstick, normal light and ring-light/Lipstick+gloss normal light and ring-light -->

This combo is definitely our favorite out of all the lip sticks/glosses that we have! 
This kind of lip color used to be really popular in 2011, if I remember correctly, and me and Lea really tried to find something like this here in Iceland but no luck! So we really loved it when we got it back in 2013xD
Also! Even though it is really light pink, it is not TOO light!^^

Looks we used these in:
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Overall we really LOVE these two and definitely recommend them!
Thanks for looking! And see you in two weeks with a new Talking Makeup!

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