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Hi gals!!!
Once again we are back with a review!
Hope we aren't boring you with them! Sadly our life just isn't so interesting lately so this is about all we have to blog aboutXD haha~

But we are working on translating some text from the Ageha memorial for those of you that do not understand Japanese so please look forward to that♡

So on with the review!
The contacts are called Shandy brown from Witch's Pouch and sponsored by Geeenie.

This time around we also got some new lens traveling cases, and the infamous lens bottle opener... which we kind of have too much of now>3< haha, but that's okay though! We can just save it for a future giveaway maybe?

Here you can see their enlargement, but they have a really nice enlargement.
Top two pics are taken with a ring light, while the bottom one is with daylight.

♥Brand - Witch's Pouch
♥DIA - 14.5mm
♥Water Content: 38%
♥B.C. - 8.6mm
♥Life Span - 1 year
♥Country of origin - South Korea
Shandy Brown is available in prescription and plano.
Shandy is available in Pink and Violet as well!

Colour :
Shandy Brown consists of four different shades of brown that blend really prettily together! Close to the pupil is a really light brown, almost see-through, that makes them blend really well with my grey eyes!

Design : 
I love the design! A dark brown stretches a bit towards the pupil while lighter tones blend together in between.

Enlargement : 
Just perfect! They make my eyes larger while maintaining some natural-ness (is that even a word?XD) to them:)
Comfort :   
Very comfortable! I wore them for about 12 hours the other day (not a smart move, but couldn't do anything about it) and they didn't hurt at all! I did put in the normal eyedrops as my eyes get dry. But the only thing was that my eyes had gotten really tired.

Overall Rating :
Definitely some of my favorite contacts by now! The brighten up my eyes, have good enlargement and the color is so pretty! I really have no complaints about them and I think everyone should get them :p

I also made a video on these contacts so I hope you will take a look at that!
(Shares would be awesome too :p)
It is in Japanese, but I did make subtitles in English also!*^^*

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed this review, and if you did don't forget to check out Geeenie's web page!

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