Talking Makeup: Majolica Majorca's Jeweling Eyes no.80

Hi gals!
Last week on Talking Makeup we talked about KATE's Color Shas Diamond no. PK-1, if you read that post you might have noticed that we said we would talk about Baby Doll from YSL this time....but we had forgotten that we had already done that...silly us...xD
So this time we will be talking about Jeweling Eyed no.80 from Majolica Majorca.

This palette, no.80, is a limited color, thus the frame of the palette is in gold, unlike their other  Jeweling Eyes palettes, as they come in shimmery white. I really like the shell design on the packaging and the palette, makes it really cute!♡

The colors in this palette are white, baby pink, baby blue and light gray.
All the colors have really nice pigmentation, and LOTS of shimmer!
So nothing to disappoint in those departments!:)

The top rows I applied with my finger, the bottom with a brush. The one applied with a finger came on a bit better in my opinion.
I really like these colors. They have shimmer, which I love, and can be used easily with other palettes! The colors might appear a bit "light" but when applied on an eye that already has a foundation and primer (I always put foundation on my eyes as well) it really pops out and looks so nice!

We really like this palette, and really recommend applying the baby blue/pink on the eyelid with light brown in the crease!^^

Looks using this palette:

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