Favorite Staff Coords of January

Hi Gals!

Half of February has already past by and we thought it was past due that we would make a post about out favorite staff coords from various brands!
Hope you like some of these coords and please tell us YOUR favorite♡

Michell Macaron
  Love how Michell Macaron has this grownup feel to their clothes

Luxe Rose
 Especially love those hot pink skirts!

Lip Service

Cecil McBee
 Cecil McBee dabs in so many styles, and I love both their sweet style and more cool style!

Delyle Noir
 Delyle Noir's dresses are so cute! What I however do not like of their spring release is their long peplum tops paired with long flowy skirts (Not pictured), just looks so bad in my opinion....

My fav is definitely the top dress with a low cut skirt! We have a similar designed dress from Liz Lisa and it is one of my favorite!


 Just love what Rienda has been bringing out! I think beside the blue skirt their shoes are my favorite! Wouldn't mind having all of them in all of the colors!

 I really like the all of these, but I really like the feel of the first set in the middle row and the high waist-ed pants with a yellow sweater! Just looks so good together, the sweater is baggy, but small in the waist and together with those pants I think it looks so good!

 We really love Rady's roomwear, they are so luxurious and pretty! The suits are also so so so pretty! (We just need to loose some weight first me thinksXD haha) Well, all their clothes are really luxorious! Which shows in their pricing! But who cares, we are gonna be rich!!!! We usually don't like wearing pants, but I decided to add these as they are really pretty despite being pants!:) and it would be awesome to be able to rock them like the shop staff does!♡

 So how does the beginning of spring collections look to you gals?
So far I think what my favorite (Of those above) must be Rienda's shoes and their high waist-ed skirts!!! Just love the looks of their shoes so much!!!! Not to mention that dress from Chedel!
My least favorite would be the knit dress from Rienda, without the belt, however I think it looks great paired with a belt!

Also look forward to this coming Saturday or Sunday as we will post the first installment our our 小悪魔Ageha Memorial post!

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