New Items for Spring 2015 [Pic Heavy]

Hi gals!
I thought for today I would make a blog post about some new items that have been coming out this spring and what trends I see popping up strong!

The first trend that I noticed getting on strong by looking through certain brands on Fashion Walker, was denim! Then of course the no surprise ones, pastel and flower prints.
I do not have anything against denim, I however do not really like the use of the denim this spring, or well to be exact, I do not like denim jackets....and they seem to be a big thing (At least based on how many brands are selling them!) And stripes! Also mixed feelings about those....

Nice trends are the hot pinks amongst many brands and the continuation of the peplum tops and bottoms! Decorated necklines and bow-belts are also big within some brands (Luxe Rose being one of them, but they haven't really updated the net shop with the new items><) and that is such a pretty trend to us as it really gives outfits some extra oomph!


  I have no complaints about Chedel's, I think their newest clothes are nothing short of perfect!
...well, almost, the lacy dresses look a bit cheap in these pics, but who knows, maybe they're really gorgeous IRL!

 I love Duras so much, their flower patterns in my opinion are to die for! And the soft colors are so pretty! But just like I mentioned earlier, I am def not a fan of those denim jackets, they have a nice feel, but would look a million times better in some other fabric (More similar to the second last in the second row). Also like the elegant look of those dresses!

Lip Service
 Another trend that I see with some brands are stripes (last row), also not a fan of those....the striped cardigan reminds me of a cardigan I used to own like back in 2008? And those two denim piece look cheap to say the least! The denim one piece also had other colors...and believe me when I say I choose the best looking one... On positive notes though, I really like their flower patterns, especially that skirt in the third pic in the first row!

 I really like RESEXXY's hot pink dress and top! Such a nice color!  The only thing I didn't really like is the ruffle top in the third pic in the last row, in my opinion the ruffles are a tad too big and even though she is wearing a tight fitting skirt it still appears as though she is straight, with no waist. But that could also just be the picture? And then no surprise I do not like that denim jacket...

 STRIPES!!! meJane has a lot, A LOT, of them! and pastels, like their pastel colors! Do not particularly care for their denim-ish shirt in the third row. I really like the neck details that have pearls and stuff like that though! and meJane has a quite a few of those!

  Rienda.....I like most of the dresses, mixed feeling on others....not sure about that yellow pants...yes they are PANTS....kinda gives me the impression of wearing a skirt....but with it permanently stuck up a crack....Then the bottom row.....hah...those dots must be a joke? Am I the only one thinking that? On the other hand the black version looks good, but they should have invested in a longer inner layer. And let's not get me started on that denim TRENCH COAT!
No strong favorites here as they are all just bad or good enough to me, hoping to see something nicer when it draws closer to summer!

Delyle Noir
 As much as I love Delyle Noir I must admit that to me their spring items are a hit and miss! Yet again, they also have the denim jackets that I seem to just looove so much, and honestly I do not know what to think about their outers? I would give the first one a try, maybe the third? I like their dresses and the fact that peplum seems to be going strong, and those bow belts!  HOWEVER! What is with those coordinates where they pair peplum tops with flowy skirts??? (Row 2 1st pic, last row 4th pic) That just looks so bad, and does nothing for anyone that would decide to try the same!

Love their new items! Those flower prints are to die for, so pretty! And more bow belts!^^ Just too bad that their dresses sell out  so quickly, at least are many of their new ones sold out online!

 One Way
oofff..... more stripes, more denim jackets and more BIG, almost skirt like, pants. Decided to check them out as I saw that Chika was buying their clothes, and they have a lot of nice clothes, like tight skirts and tops with nice detail by the neck; items that would probably look really pretty for Onee-gyarus, but sadly this line is more miss than hit...

Rady just won't ever disappoint us I think! So glad to see no denim (except in pants) and hardly any of those pesky stripes other brands seem so into this coming season! She keeps to the elegant and pretty clothes we fell so much in love with.

 Guessing you can already see Emiri's favorite colors? haha
Her clothes are in some way similar to Rady, have a really grown up and elegant feel about them and the s/s line is really pretty! You can see strips appearing in her line, but she does it in a rather cute way, so personally we can forgive her :p
The only thing we really wish was different is the pink dress with the ruffle hem (last row 3rd pic). I honestly think it would look better with only two layers of ruffles, but that of course might just be a matter of opinions^^

Like I mentioned in the beginning I was browsing through Fashion Walker and I saw a lot more denim jackets from other brands as well. How do you gals feel about denim jackets? Or stripes? Or dots?

I am really glad to look at Emiriwiz, Rady and Chedel as they really seem like a category by themselves, if that is how you can say it. But they are really elegant and way to pretty!
There are definitely good things coming in many Spring/summer collections, but then the bad things are just so bad... or at least to me><

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