Camwhoring: Because Sometimes You Just HAVE To!

February 28, 2015

Hi gals!

How are you all today? 
We are great! The other day we decided to fix our diet and start the 5:2 Diet again!
We tried the 5:2 last year and it actually worked really well for us! If you haven't heard of it it is basically just that two days of the week you only eat about 500kal while the other days you just eat normally! Although, since we want to eat healthier we aren't eating just about anything we want to on the other days, but maybe we will talk better about this in a later post^^

OK! So when we shot our fukubukuro video the other day we "decided" to fool around with our camera (Well we just started....xD). And we decided to share those pictures with you gals!♡

Everyone has to be a yankee once in their lifetime! Too bad we just do not have the right clothes for it..:p


Yes...we had a lot of fun with this...xD
Tomorrow we are going to a family "reunion" kind of a thing, and also meeting a friend~
Will definitely be a lot of fun!^^ 

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