Delyle&Luxe Rose Fukubukuro Reveal

Hi gals!
A few days ago we received our Fukubukuro's, but originally we had decided not to get them sent to us as we were growing impatient and we truthfully felt that we had next to no clothesXD
#gaijingyaruproblems ??? haha

We wore one of our dresses yesterday and made a video, so we will include that as well*^^*

I tried to take good pics of all the clothes, but it kind of failed...
So I decided not to care for now as I want a pic with all my clothes so it would just have to be good enoughXD haha

The top two are of our Luxe Rose clothes, while the bottom ones are from Delyle Noir.
Overall we are quite happy with what we got, some we only got one of so we want to try and get a second one of, but a few we will just sell.

We wore the black skirt and sweater in this pic today, but since we were only going out to get our nails done, we didn't really do our makeup or anything... thankfully!
The weather was so BAD today and we had to walk to the bus from getting our nails and the wind was so strong and it was cold and just uuuugh! why do we have to live in such a mean country?!?!



Here's our look from yesterday though!
We wore our Luxe Rose dresses, and they are so cute!
We got them in different colors, but Emi didn't take an outfit pic, but you can see the color in her selfie up there*^^*

I'm really glad to get new clothes for the fact that we can now make more outfit posts, but with our wardrobe we didn't feel that we could...><
We hope you will enjoy seeing some more outfit posts from us, I know we are!!haha~

Well, we did decide to make a "Fukubukuro Reveal" video for those of you interested to see (Well, our friend almost begged us to make it :p) but you can hear more of our thoughts on the bags and such, so please take a look!♡

Thank you for reading and see you next time!

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