小悪魔ageha Memorial Model Profiles part. 1

 Hi gals!

It has already been almost two months since the 小悪魔ageha memorial book was released and we hope you all managed to get yourself a copy!
However! We know that not everyone knows good enough Japanese to be able to read it, just able to enjoy the photos, so we wanted to translate and share with you! This will include some of the models favorite fast food, characters and what they are addicted too! And some other info as well!^^
Since the models are around 40 all in all we will make this into a 7 post serial, and we hope you will all like reading about your favorite models!♡

 Occupation: Ane Ageha Model / Age: 30

Q1. What are your hobbies?
A. Traveling to other countries, I love Ebiza.

Q2. What are you addicted to recently?
A. Collecting flight miles (lol). I travel frequently so I collect a lot.

Q3. What do you buy a lot in the convenience store?
A. Beer or sake. ねこ

Q4. What words make you happy to hear.
A. Cool

Q5. What artists are you most interested in now?
A. Solomonハート He is a techno musicianニコニコ Love itキラキラ

I am the number 1 senior in Ageha, I am glad I have been here for so longハート
When I first started Ageha, I worked in the evenings, so I frankly hated itあせ Because working hours were so long and photo shoots where stacked together so I was always late to the store, then there were so many phone calls...
But, when I think back, I am glad I continued despite all my grumblingハート
Because the me I am today is thanks to Ageha.
For realニコニコ

But if I were to say what was good about it specifically, then I can't.(lol)
What could it be? I can't put it into wordsキラキラ And yet without knowing I have become Ageha's number 1 seniorねこ
Well, being here for so long alone is a good thing rightニコニコ
I am so thankful I can't even begin to tell in such a short paragraphねこ

In 2015 I want to travel a lot more, and my objective will be perfectionキラキラ
As for 2014, at any rate it was a year of looots travelingニコニコ
I went at least once a month abroad(lol)
If I would count, then it was 16 countries that I traveled toあせ Isn't that awesome?(lol)
BUT!! I want to travel so much more!ねこ
Saying that I work for the sole purpose of going abroad would already not be an exaggerationキラキラ
When abroad I DJ and do private stuff about 50-50. Then I go to lots of festivals so I combine that with studying. Actually, my thoughts of staying more long-term are also bigニコニコ
I have been with Ageha for 9 years, and I haven't really taken any breaks, but I want to spend my time on my own onceねこ Then I'll also open a eyelash extension shop abroad ニコニコ I will work my haaaardest for a year abroad ハート

Occupation: Ane Ageha Model / Age: 31

Q1. What are you addicted to recently?
A. Daifugou (Japanese card game). I play it three times a week.

Q2. What words make you happy to hear?
A. It is pleasant being with you.

Q3. What is your favorite TV show?
A. "Let's go to the end of the world  Q", "Because I respect my little sister" and " That sort of a famous person that can do anything does not exist".

Q4. What is your favorite fast food?
A. Macハート I always get milk with my set.

Q5. What is your favorite Onigiri filling?
A. Tuna Mayoニコニコ

I only have thankful feelings towards Agehaキラキラ I really want its revivalねこ
Ageha is Rina's everythingキラキラ
In those days I was an OL in Osaka, and a Purikura model was all I didねこ The feeling I get is that I was wonderfully picked upキラキラ The start of me being called to photoshoots was the time I was hanging out a lot with 4 other girls, kind of like a circle. "Today XXX has a streetsnap, will you go?! We would all contact each other like that. Then, one girl had been contacted by Ageha for a shoot, but couldn't go. Rina always read Ageha so I said I wanted to go. From then on they started calling me to shootsキラキラ
Now I am in Ane Ageha but I wish from the bottom of my heart that Ageha will come backキラキラ

Nowadays private life is perfectハート
There are no complaintsキラキラ
I have been living with my boyfriend for three years nowキラキラ We haven't fought onceキラキラ Because he is busy and likes the indoors he won't leave the house unless Rina says "Lets go there!". But Rina also likes the indoors so it's fine.(lol) He is a very kind person, and doesn't complain about anything. He won't get mad, and accepts all of Rinaキラキラ
The people around us often ask if we will not get married though... Well, I think if we can one day get married then that would be great! But I think it's okay to take that slowlyねこ
I meet with my friends everyday, photoshoots are also so much fun, I have no complaints about my current lifestyleハート
Somehow everything has been perfect latelyキラキラ

Occupation: Moery representative / Age: 33

Q1. What are your hobbies and special skills?
A. Driving, Shopping, Beauty, Swimming, Gardening and workingハート

Q2. What are you addicted to recently?
A. Swimming.

Q3. What do you buy often in the convenience store?
A. Tea that has ma~~ny bags.

Q4. What words make you happy to hear?
A. "I became full of happy feelings", "Thank you".

Q5. What is your favorite fast food?
A. Macキラキラ I love the double cheese burgerハート

An all girls school that teaches "kawaii". 
To those of you who have read Ageha since a long time ago; it's been a while (since I last saw you)ハート
To newer readers; nice to meet youキラキラ
This is Momoeriko, Momoeri, Momoka Eri I am from and live in Shizuoka. I was a model for Ageha since its early days until 2009ハート When I first went for a photo shoot at Ageha, there were still very few girls from rural areas going there, so I found it of great significance and a great world?あせ "There are so many models here!!" Was what I thought, and I felt really out-of-placeあせ
But I was able to become friends with Sayaka and Sakurina. We would meet up and make lots of noise... It became a bit like when I was in schoolニコニコ
Ageha is also the reason I started doing my hair, and in a way led me to the me today.

From here in too I want to match Moery with the flow of this age and alternate itキラキラ
Lately I have been devoting myself to work. My kid is now already 10 years old, and I am also busy taking care of them so I have started to do things at my paceキラキラ
I can remember so much from when I first started in Ageha. I am so happy to be able to take it easy now.
As for Moery, I am focusing on apparel now but, before I turn 40 years old I would like it to change to something to do with beauty. I want to progress accordingly to the current time!! Moery also sold dresses to begin with, but now it has changed to appeal more to girls that have "graduated from the nights". Like that I want to do my best to progressキラキラ

Occupation: Carefree Doll ? / 26

Q1. What are your hobbies?
A. Going to the spaキラキラ Karikasu spa is my favハート

Q2. What are you addicted to recently?
A. Pressure training.

Q3. What is your favorite fast food?
A. Mac, I love freshness burger.

Q4. How do you wear off the cold?
A. Pile up two heat-packs! I also wear two stockings!! When I go out I also wear a maskねこ I don't expose (my skin).

To the me who didn't attend school diligently, Ageha was like my youthキラキラ
Hello~ This is Rin キラキラ
I have been appearing in Ageha since a long time ago. But, frankly at that time I didn't like coming for photo shoots.(lol)
When I was at photo shoots I knew none of the girls and at the same time I worked in the evenings, it seemed best to stop going to the shop...
Because I am shy of strangers, I didn't really go to school so the world I lived in was smallキラキラ
How could I join "people of the night" was something I couldn't figure out... I didn't have any self-assertion, so I could not spark up a conversation first handあせ
But somehow before I knew I started enjoying it when we started showing dolls, moto-yankee (former gangsters), and our own characters in the magazine, and I started opening up. My life changed in many waysニコニコ

With no progress or degeneration I wonder if I am still in the same place?
Actually, since three years ago I have been helping my parents at their job. Then I have been doing some photo shoots...
But if you ask me more specifically what I have been doing, then I would be trouble as to what answer to give.
Until now, I have been blessed by the people around me, so I have been able to enjoy my life greatly. Starting to appear in Ageha, becoming an exclusive,  trying out other jobs, helping out with my parents job in my free time... That I won't have more shoots with Ageha is really sad, but other parts of my life probably won't change so much.
Oh! But the biggest change is probably that I have started to think that I want kidsニコニコ
Before I said that I wanted to die before 30, but now, however old I become,  I want to make today the best day of my lifeハート

Occupation: Designer at Michel Macaron / 24

Q1. What are you addicted to recently?
A. Reading in the sauna (lol).

Q2. What do you buy a lot in the convenience store?
A. Milk teaキラキラ

Q3. What is your favorite TV show?
A. London Hearts.

Q4. What artists are you into now?
A. The same as usual L'arc En Ciel, also a bit late, but I like K-popハート

Q5.What is your favorite Onigiri filling?
A. Negitoro (Tuna minced with welsh onion leaves).

I love Ageha to the point of having them all at homeキラキラ
I have read Ageha ever since it was a different magazine than Nuts, and I own all the publications til this dayニコニコ
I also really loved all the models that appeared in Agehaキラキラ When I started modeling for Ageha, it was more because I loved Ageha, rather that I loved modelingハート
Which reminds me, in my teenage years I used to sleep with my Ageha magazines.(lol)
In the studio and editorial department everyone was so composed and I really liked it. Even though I had no errands there, I was very often in the editorial departmentハート There were so many models in Ageha, so during shoots waiting times where often very long, which was kind of dreadful.(lol)
But that was about the only dreadful thing キラキラ

For the sake of small girls, I have to do thisハート
Lately I have been devoted to my job as the designer of Michel Macaronハート I am very small 150cm, clothes usually don't fit me very well and I was troubled about itあせ Whether I would adjust clothes with a safety pin or get them fixed both take time and labor. But jackets somehow couldn't be helped, I couldn't  pick designs; if they fit then I would just buy themあせ
Since I have created Macaron I have come to see that there are a lot of girls sharing my problem, which made me really happy! A while ago a girl cam to the store, she was 142cm, smaller than me キラキラ
For the sake of girls like her I want to continue from now on to make cute clothes for themキラキラ
I still have many dreamsハート The fact that these girls have complexes about their height is wasteful! I want to become their ally ハート

So did you learn something new and fun? We think it was really fun to read this and learn more about these models! Which one was your favorite?
Hope you liked this post, and please look forward to more of these!^^

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