Japan Festival 2015 + Accessorize Haul

Hi gals!
Last Saturday there was a Japan Festival at the University and we went to meet our friends and enjoy it! It was a really fun day that we wish we could have everyday!!! haha~
Well, that isn't possible now is it? But it was so nice to meet our friends and other people as well!

We decided to start the day off by going to the mall since we kind of really needed some new stockings. But we had also decided to meet our friend there! We met at Accessorize were we got our stockings, but then they had a LOT of nice stuff at 70% sale!!!! YES!
We got some really pretty earrings and pajamas we had been wanting for a while!*^^*

But here is the stuff we got!
We LOVE LOVE LOVE earrings, and they are usually our favorite purchases! Especially like those we bought at the sale, a bit chunky with "gems", so pretty!!!

The pajamas are also so cute!
Though the size is somehow really weird, the cup is somehow kind of big, but then the top itself is so short...o.O

Well, after looking around a bit and changing into our new stockings (Our friend had to change as well, but she had hers with herXD) we headed to the University~
There we met another friend, we checked what was going on, but since we had already experienced this all before we didn't really check so much outXD haha~

We then got some sushi, and it was so weird since it was free and you could pick it yourself and take as much as you wanted... and some people took so much!!! and some even went a few times!!! Like wtf rude people?!?! Sorry, it just really bothered us...

After getting sushi we decided to go to the student basement were there was a live which was really nice! We recorded it and might edit it and put on our channel, you know, maybe... :p
Well, the main event to us was the cosplay competition since our friend was competing and two other friends were organizing/judging there, and OMG she won!!! and her performance was so awesome and the costume as well!!!
Lea hasn't read the manga, but she got a lump in her throat and Emi almost cried, haha it would have been embarassing standing there and crying in front of everyone!!!

Needless to say we were over the top happy for her!

She of course made everything herself and she posted the process on her blog, so please check it out if you are interested!!!

After the cosplay competition finished we met with more of our friends and walked around a bit until it was over, but then another friend joined us and after a while five of us went to get something to eat while some of our other friends either went home or had other stuff they needed to do to begin with^^
It was kind of cold outside but we decided to walk to a thai restaurant probably about 20-30 minutes away to eat thereXD It was cold, but so worth itXD

Theeeen back to Uni it was for some karaoke!!!
Our friend begged us to sing, and another one said she would sing if we would... so we kiiind of had to... we kind of wanted to try, but we are such scaredy cats, and this karaoke was that you basically searched it on youtube and then stood on a stage to sing... in front of everyone!!!

But we decided to be brave and sung ありのままで (Japanese verision of Let it go) but we chose the pop version rather than the movie version...
To say the least it was scary! We were both shaking on stage and as soon as it was over we ran off stage and straight to our friend were we hid our faces for a few minutesXD

We did get some confidence later and sang some songs with our friends, but that was somehow a lot easierXD haha~ Well, all in all it was such an awesome evening, and these kind of things are really what we miss the most about Uni... we just don't have these big, fun get-togethers anymore :'(

If you are following us on instagram you might have noticed that we got the keyhole turtleneck and OF COURSE we wore it for Japan fest!
Luckily we only had one guy make a deal out of it, but he somehow felt the need to ask us what purpose our sweaters served... we of course answered BOOBS, because that is the main purpose of them really... but it pissed off our friend and she "protected" usXD

But he was wearing really tacky clothes so she asked him why he was even wearing those clothes, to which he answered "because it's comfy...?" and she told him that yeah, we felt comfortable in our clothes as well...!!! and then she basically just told him to fuck offXD haha, it was just so hilariousXD Because in all truth, many normal tank-tops are so much revealing than these turtlenecks, the only difference is that the turtlenecks bring more attention to the cleavage...

Well, that was about it for our day!
We had actually taken our good camera with us, but we were then too lazy to use it... We should probably get a good compact camera to take outside with us so that we are more likely to take nice pics... oh well, maybe someday!

This post was maybe a bit too much everywhere, but we hope you enjoyed it nonetheless!

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