Gelato Pique White Days Collection

Hi Gals!
Like you all probably notices, last weekend it was Valentines day! You all with boyfriends most likely spent the day on a date or getting some nice presents (Let's hope so at least!).
Valentines day isn't held that high here in Iceland, and probably very few, if any, know of White Day.
But since in Japan Valentines day is exclusively for girls to give chocolates to their crushes/boyfriends, White day comes a month later where the boys get a chance to return the girls feelings and gifts! 
And since White day is coming Gelato Pique came out with a special White day collection!

For those of you who do not know Gelato Pique specializes in room wear and everything cozy!
They sell room wear for women, men and children and though it isn't really a gyaru related brand, every girl loves to wear something comfy and cute when they are at home.
Well, at least we do, so we wanted to show you gals their newest collection :p

Their Concept is:
 Cloth like Ice Cream...
The brands concept is "Grown ups dessert".
With commitment of comfort to each lifestyle,
we implement your favorite items materialized as "desserts"
in our new room wear collection.
Sending "Room wear fashion" to all women.

  Blanket that stores itself!! How great is that!

 Small pouch and a big pouch

 WANT!!! That headband is great when cleaning off makeup or just during facial masks! And who wouldn't love to own cute fluffy socks like those!?

All of these items come in three different colors! They are fluffy and oh so soft!!! (Believe my I was touchy-feely enough when I went to the store to knowxD)
These are all perfect for cold winter nights, and well if Iceland they aren't so bad for summer nights as well xD So if you haven't heard of Gelato Pique before I would definitely recommend you all checking it out to find your perfect cozy room wear!

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