Talking Makeup: KATE♡Color Shas Diamond PK-1

January 19, 2015

Hi gals!
Sorry we haven't posted a lot of Talking Makeup post lately!!! The lazyness around Christmas just got to us! :S
BUT! Last time we talked about KATE's Gradical Eyes PU-1

Today we want to talk about this palette from KATE called Color Shas Diamond no. PK-1.

♡Looks where I used this palette♡

The colors are really nice and shimmery, on the pictures above the top row was applied with a finger while the bottom row was applied with a brush.
Don't know if I just need a better brush, as even though the shimmer came out quite well I do not feel like the color did. When applied with a finger the color and the shimmer came on quite well.

The brown color is not one of my favorite and admittedly I do not use them that often (In other words I have hardly ever used it...), however I use the other colors a lot, either together or with other palettes.
The purple one (Beside the brown one in the swatch photo) is especially one of my favorite as the color is just so pretty! I didn't include a picture of it, but the purple one and the pink one layered on top is such a great combo, and I feel that everyone should try it out!


Even though I do not particularly like the brown color I love this palette lots, giving it a full rating.
I think that even for you gals that aren't used to using a lot of colors this one is still a must to try as even if you do not go full on color you can still use one of these pretty colors to pop up your look!♥

Here after we will be making these posts biweekly, and next time we will be talking about YSL Babydoll Mascara!
So look forward to that♥

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