Sponsored Review♡Geeenie Witches Pouch's Astro Gray

Hi gals!
Today I want to make a review for you all about the Astro Gray sponsored by Geeenie~^^
The Astro lenses come in three colors, gray, blue and brown. With the prescription lenses a bit more expensive than the Plano ones.
Geeenie is based in South Korea and they have a great selection of lenses! They also have a sister site where they sell some makeup.

♥DIA - 14.5mm
♥Graphic Diameter: 14mm
♥Water Content: 38%
♥B.C. - 8.6mm
♥Life Span - 6 months to a year
♥Country of origin - South Korea

Colour : 
They are gray with an brown outer ring and bit of a brown in the middle. 
They blend perfectly in with my own eyes!

Design : 
 I fell in love with the design when I first saw it on their site and knew I just HAD to get them, and the design was definitely not a disappointment!

Enlargement : 
They are only 14.5, meaning the enlargement is not as many might prefer, but for me it is great!
Comfort :   
I must admit that I do not think them to be the most comfortable lenses that I have owned. 

Room Light vs. Ring Light

Both in vs. one out
Ring Light

Over all rating:
I really love these lenses, they look natural, enlarge my eyes, and over all just look fantastic!

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