Camwhoring+ some stuff♡

Hi gals!
Recently we have not had a lot to do, therefore not a lot of blogging material, except of course tutorials~ We have hypes of those!
However last Friday was our youngest cousins fifth birthday so we went over for a dinner, and of course dolled up for it♡

We had intended to do our makeup early However those plans where interrupted as our aunt came over for a visit, which was really nice, but left us with no good selfie lightning...
So I started fiddling with our good camera, which we usually do not use for selfies as so far it just hasn't been easy using it for that purpose.

HOWEVER! I managed to shoot some selfies that I liked so I decided to share them with you gals!

I wore my Twinkle Eyes in Rouge Brown (My review of them) sponsored by PinkiCon (Coupon code "A24680000") to the birthday party, which was Frozen themed to no ones surprise. And funny enough I knew the names of the characters better than some girl thought Kristoff was Sven, and I was just like "Nope, his name is Kristoff" but by their surprise I am not sure whether I should by proud or a tiny bit embarrassed? xD But who cares!

When we however came back home (super tired after being around children), we camwhored a bit and I changed my lenses into Astro Gray sponsored by Geeenie as I needed some photos of them for my review, and of course I camwhored a bit as well!!!

Also! Next Friday there will be a Japan Festival in our University that we are going to go and take a look at with friends~ 
The Japanese Major students always plan it and now it has also turned into somewhat of a entry contest into NarCon, as for the past three years or so they have been hosting a cosplay contest. And for the first time last year, Iceland competed in NarCon^^
But we are really looking forward to going, as we couldn't go last year because of personal reasons, and the two times that we have been there it was while we where there as students so we had stuff we had to do and no time to just enjoy everything (Even though we of course had a lot of fun with our friends^^). But yeah! Looking forward to that, will of course post a lot of photos!

Until then!

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