♡Lea's year in Makeup♡

Hi gals!
When a year comes to end we see all kinds of year-end posts were people are summarizing their year and sharing with us all and we both find that very interesting!
However, our life this past year hasn't been so interesting, and since we post a lot about makeup on here, why not just summarize our makeup looks throughout the year?
...is what we thought! So here it is!

I, Lea, am starting it off first and I hope you will enjoy my post!♡

I think 2014 wasn't my best year overall makeup-wise, but in a way I feel that at least my technique got better! I've been trying to find what colors and eyebrows suit me best this year as well as what kind of eyeliner looks best on me. I also started thinking more about my nose contour, I don't know how I managed with it before, since I really didn't give much thought to itXD
haha~ but I have started to think more about it, and also when contouring the rest of my face, I try to contour better to suit my features. Again, I don't know why I didn't give this much thought before, but I never thought about what suited MY face the best.

In the beginning of 2014 I really liked the namida bukuro trend (...well I still do) and most of my looks for the past year were made using Dollywink cream eyeshadowXD
But then I also started looking at old looks that I had done, and was feeling really nostalgic about using bottom lashes, as I hadn't been using them for a while. Because of that I did a few looks with bottom lashes for the first time in a while!

I won't be writing text with all the pictures as I don't think there is much need really, but maybe just a bit were something pops up*^^*
So let's begin~

~January ~

Yay for black hair! I had been wanting to try dying our hair black for some time, and usually Emi just follows what I want when it comes to hairXD
aaaand... going heavy on the Dollywink cream shadow*^^*


Bottom lashes♡
By this time we were working full time and working on our thesis, so we really didn't doll up so often. It's a real shame, but we usually didn't feel much up for it as life was just getting in the way.


As you can see I really liked thick eyebrows also at the time!
The only thing I wish I had been better at was blending my eyebrows better so that my hairs wouldn't have been so painfully obvious.




In June I got Princess Pinky Eclipse in three colors and had a lot of fun trying them out!




Our faded black hair was growing(literally) to be too much of a high maintenance for us, so we decided to go to a salon to get it bleached and dyed a new color.
Our goal is to get a pretty ashy color, but we don't want to rush it for the health of our hair^^


I think you know by now which are my favorite contacts in 2014. I got them around June from Pinky Paradise and they are the Princess Pinky Eclipse. I love how they brighten up my eyes! And well, my eyemake stayed relatively the same at the time as we were running out of lashes and I liked my eyemake like that! :)

Hehe, I have to give my Halloween make a special pic of it's own as I am really happy about it!
You can see a makeup tutorial of it here if you are interested!♡


Yay! New contacts! You can always have your faves, but having different contacts for a little change of look is so much fun! 


 And those were the last looks of the year!
(Except I forgot my Christmas day look... oops)

You might have seen most of these looks if you are following us on Instagram or are friends with us on facebook, but like I mentioned earlier; I myself really enjoy seeing a compilation of makeup looks or coords (like we did in this post) so we thought this would be a fun idea to do!

Hopefully you enjoyed seeing my looks and Emi's just as much when we post hers!*^^*
Thank you for reading, see you next time!♡

Our Giveaway is now over, and we would like to thank everyone that participated!
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