Memoirs of Japan: Tokyo Daijingu and Alice in Wonderland

Hi guys!
We just realized that we haven't made a "Memoirs of Japan" post in ages! Which is sad, considering that we really enjoy making these posts, and they are very precious memories to us!
But well, this time for Memoirs of Japan we want to tell you guys about a wonderful day we had with our friend Hitomi.

We had gotten to know her trough our uncle's wife (Eiko) as they are friends, but when we participated in Eiko's fashion show for the second time we got to know Hitomi there.
Long story short we decided to have a fun day together and she also invited Eiko to come for dinner with us in the evening:)

First off we met at some station, we've forgotten which, and from there we headed to the station closest to 東京大神宮(Tokyo Daijingu) also called O-ise san, is a famous Shinto shrine that people go to for luck in love.

Daijingu is a really beautiful shrine, and there were so many people there!!
Since it is a shrine to find a compatible partner and for luck in love, there are many weddings held there, and it just so happened that there was one the day that we went!

So beautiful♡

After looking around for a bit we decided to get some Omikuji (Good luck charms) but we decided on a happiness charm, but all three of us got a 恋みくじ (Koi-mikuji, good-luck charm for love)
Sadly Lea got a bad one, but Emi and Hitomi got good ones...><

Of course some camwhoring had to be done!

After being for a while at the shrine we decided to check out the neighborhood, but as none of us had really been there before we had no clue where we were atXD

We did manage to find a Peko Chan specialized Taiyaki store, and Hitomi was so kind as to buy Taiyaki for us! It was so delicious! We then looked more around the neibhborhood and saw some cute shops and took purikura together, sadly it was somehow really messed up and we weren't able to get them on our phones...:(

I did some googling around and this is apparently a really popular store, and is the only Fujiya that sells Pekochanyaki!

After this adventure we headed over to Shinjuku were we would be meeting Eiko at The Alice in Wonderland restaurant!!! We had been scared of not getting a seat, so Hitomi reserved a table for us... but when we arrived there was almost no one thereXD hahaha

We got a table in a booth, that kind of sucked as we couldn't see everything around us, but everything was so pretty!!! The food was also so pretty and delicious!
We ordered a few dishes to share, which was really nice as we were able to try more like that.

The menu was also so pretty, but everything was a great visual experience!
Too bad that the lightning was so dim thoughXD Not very picture friendly...><

After eating good food and having overall a really nice time, we wanted to take purikura before going our separate ways~

And luckily we had no trouble getting the pictures to our phone this time!

Missing the summertime in Japan so bad right now!
It's really difficult living in this endless winter here in Iceland, hopefully we don't have to stay many more winters here!

But yeah, this concludes our wonderful summer day♡
Hopefully we will be able to have more of these days this coming summer!

Hope you enjoyed this times Memoirs of Japan, and we'll then try to not have so much time pass between this posts next time.

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