Makeup Tutorial: PurplexBrown Makeup

Hi gals!
Time for a new tutorial!!
This one is pretty old as it is from the 4th of December!!! This is what happens when you have so many piled up xD But we dolled up then as it was our mothers birthday♡

Hope you like this tutorial♡

A. Apply light violet eyeshadow on your eyelid
B. Apply brown eyeshadow in the crease
C. Apply shimmer eyeshadow in the inner corner
D. Apply cream shimmer eyeshadow under the eye and shade under it
E. Apply eyeliner
F. Apply dark brown eyeshadow on 1/3 under the eye

  The circle lenses are Allure Muse by Candy Magic, from Online Contacts.

So what do you gals think of this look?^^

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