Sponsored Review♡Geenie - 1day Dali Brown

January 09, 2015

Hi Gals!
Recently we were sponsored by Geeenie for some circle lenses and when we got the package from them we found out that they had also included some dailies and other goodies!!
And the package we got was so amazing. We got so much stuff and we were so surprised when the DHL guy came with the package and it was so bigXD

And no wonder with all these awesome goodies packed inside♡

Today we would like to finally do the first review out of three.
This review will be of the biggest surprise of the package; a month worth of dailies!
How amazingly nice of them is that?!

Other stuff we received were some travel lens cases, face masks, lens bottle openers and tongues to help you get the lens out of the box.

Then we got this really sweet letter from them that really made us so happy!
These kind of small gestures are often what makes us the happiest, so that was also a very lovely surprise♡

These are the Dali Viiit Brown and what really intrigued us is that they are UV Cut lenses so they protect your eyes from the rays from the sun! haha, though that doesn't do much for us here in the cold, dark winter of Iceland!

♥DIA - 14.2mm
♥Graphic Diameter: 13.5mm
♥Water Content: 55%
♥B.C. - 8.6mm
♥Life Span - Daily disposable
♥Country of origin - South Korea

They are available both with- or without prescription!
One point they do mention is that they recommend taking them out after four hours of use and put them in a lens case for a little while to let your eyes rest.
So far we haven't tried that though and just used them for up to 8 hours without them really giving us any trouble, so I am guessing it's maybe something you would have to assess for yourself if you need to do something like that^^

Here is how the packaging of the contacts looks out of the box! It is really easy to break off each compartment (or whatever you would call them?)

Having always been buying only year lenses we are really starting to love the comfort of dailies!
It's so easy carrying them about, and they are so low maintenance! You don't need any lens boxes or liquid so when traveling it become a lot easier right away! Not to mention that these are even softer than the other dailies that we have! So soft!

Not forgetting how comfortable it is to just take them out without having to worry if you have your lens box with you or not!XD haha~

Top one with one lens in - Bottom with both

Due to our gray eyes it obviously doesn't blend in in the best way, seeing as it is only a brown rim on your eye. However we do feel it gives a soft touch to our eyes!



Colour : 
The color is so pretty! It is a really pretty light brown, that somehow matches our hair color really well!!

Design : 
The design is really simple. They really just give color to the outer part of your irises, but we find it to be really pretty and even though our eyes are grey it blends beautifully and we like the effect it gives our eyes!

Enlargement : 
They are 14.2 so that is a pretty natural size. They do give our eyes some enlargement, but still look really natural!
Comfort :   
Really really comfortable! You can just feel their softness when putting them inXD haha, well they are really soft and comfortable so we have no complaints at all.

Overall Rating :
Even though these aren't really very gyaru-like, they are without a doubt one of our favorite ones!
They are so natural, but somehow still manage to make our eyes pop!! Then the color is perfect and they are so soft and comfortable! And when we get to the sunny land of the rising sun they will protect our eyes from the sun's rays! Which I am actually very curious about as the sun usually really messes with our eyes and we have a very difficult time often just looking normal in the sunXD haha, as we always squint our eyes due to the strong rays!

Also! When buying contacts from them you get this amazing lens bottle opener!
We were so amazed by it and SO happy!!!!

You should definitely go and check them out and see their great selection of Japanese and Korean lenses!

Sorry about the video looking so out of place! Somehow it just won't stay in the middle, but we wanted to include it so we will just have to suck it up for now><

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