Sponsored Review♡ Geeenie Girls Michel Brown

Hi gals!
Today I (Lea) am here with a long overdue review as I got these contacts about two months ago from Geeenie. We forgot to mention in our previous review, but Geeenie is a Korean based shop that mostly sell contacts to Japan.

The contacts I will be reviewing this time are the Geeenie Girls Michel Brown and they can be used for up to a year, please click on "Read full post" so see what I have to say about these contacts!

What I love the most about their store is that their selection of contacts is so "Japanese", sorry if that sounds weird, but to me they have a very interesting feel about them, like the ハーフ系 (ha-fu kei) contacts they have. But those kinds of contacts are ones that make your eyes look foreign, and make you look more like a mixed person.

Sounds kind of funny, but these kinds of contacts really appeal to me and because of that I was very happy that Geeenie wanted to sponsor us!♡

The contacts came in the usual kind of box you would expect of yearly contacts, and now the special gift we got from them became really handy!!!
They've also notified us that they have decided to start selling he contact bottle openers!!!
Isn't that just awesome!?!

Soon all of you lovely gals will be able to open your contacts bottles without hurting or breaking any nails♡

♥Brand - Geeenie Girls
♥DIA - 15.0mm
♥Water Content: 38%
♥B.C. - 8.8mm
♥Life Span - 1 year
♥Country of origin - South Korea

Michel Brown is available in dailies as well, with prescription and plano and! you can also get the dailies with UV cut! So if you live in a country with strong sunlight then that is a great option for you!

Oh! And one last thing!
They ALSO have them for those that have astigmatism!!
You can see all of them here!

Here are some pics of me with the contacts.
I really can't express enough how much I like these contacts, they go really well with Onee gyaru looks which is what I want the most from contacts right now^^

Colour : 
The color is so pretty! The color is brown, but in some way they are a bit more yellow than brown, and I chose them knowing that.

Design : 
So gorgeous! It has a bit of an outer ring but the black goes into the brown making the outer ring not look too harsh. The brown is also really subtle in the way that it blends well with my eye color.

Enlargement : 
Lately I have been liking a tad smaller contacts, so if they had had them in 14.5mm that would have been perfect!
Comfort :   
Not the most comfortable I've had, but it comes with the size. Usually my eyes get drier if the contacts are bigger, but like always I counter that with some eyedrops.

Overall Rating :
I really love these contacts and I can't wait to create more Onee gyaru looks with it♡
They are just as comfortable as I would expect of contacts this size, but the pattern in really pretty so I  can definitely recommend them!

If you liked these and would like to see more, don't forget to check Geeenie out!


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