Gleðilegt Nýtt Ár! Happy New Year! ♡

Hi Gals!

This might be pretty late, but happy new year!!! 
The lazyness around this time got to us so we got REALLY lazy with our blog and we apologize for that! 

Like you probably noticed we just changed our blog look, but we commissioned Lizzie to help us change it and do something spiffy for our blog♡
We where always asking her to change colors and stuff, although I hope we weren't too difficult...xD But in the end we just ended up with a pretty basic black and white design~^^

We originally contacted her to ask who did her blog! hahaxD But as it turned out she did it herself so we just decided to commission her as we wanted to change and get some good looking designs (I did try by myself using some internet applications...but didn't work quite like I wanted it to xD).

We had a good Christmas with our family and then on New Years we asked our mom's friend and her family over for a dinner (Her daughter is also our friend), so that was also really nice!

Then we have just been couch potatoes....hanging on our computers doing hardly anything productive... (Did meet with our friends a bit which was nice)

Our life in a nutshell!! xD

However we have also been playing Line Play a lot recently, but it is just such a cute game! And not too hard to get to know people, if you put your heart to it, so we can also practice our Japanese~~♡

Lea's character is the black haired one and mine is the blond-ish haired one^^
I have managed to get quite a few hairstyles~~~ Love buying stuff in Line Play, but so far I have not spend any dollars on it, as I feel it is kind of exspensive...and unfair also! The biggest option costs 128$ but it only costs around 7000yen -.-' Don't understand why there is such a big difference...(I can not choose to pay in yen...D: )

However there are good ways to save gems in line play by inviting people (Just add random people on your Line and add them to Line Play) and when you have invited 100 you get 90% off of the Face Shop and one room extension^^ Saved so many gems with that as I was DYING to change my avatar♡ You gals should all join us~~~ They also have a lot of items from Kumikki and other famous people♡

These are out cuties, Roselyn and Rumi~ Rumi is the perfect gyaru!! (Well in our oppinion)

Also you can expect more reviews on lenses soon, so please look forward to that♡

To you all gals we just want to say a big THANK YOU for sticking with us even though we took such a long break before and we really appreciate all the comments and follows.
We look forward to our next year with you all and hope to better our blog even more!♡

Thank you all!

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