Favorite Staff Coords of December

January 22, 2015

Hi gals!
This time around we are here with some of our favorite coords of December 2014!
We started December off with collections of staff coords, that is, two post of the first two weeks.
But maybe it would be a lot more fun to do it like this??

This one is really late, but we thought it would be fun to take the outfits we like best throughout the month and collect them in one post like this*^^*

Hopefully you will enjoy that and find some inspiration through this post, but doing this also really helps us to get a clear idea of what we want for ourselves and we get a clearer image of what brands we would like to go for!:)

Michell Macaron

Lip Service

Delyle Noir


Luxe Rose




I think it's apparent that FLUFFY has been a big hit throughout the winter season, and not for no reason! I mean, just look at all that pretty fluff! No girl can deny the luxury of having that heaven wrapped around them! Right?! :p

We are actually really happy with the trends that have been going on, the chiffon, the fluffiness, peplum skirts and tops...etc. They are all exactly what we want right now and so many brands have these similar trends, but still with their own touch on it, so we are really looking forward to going to all these stores and building up our own closet!

We would love to know what are your favs out of these, and what brands you have have liked best (or even obsessed) over this season♡

Until next time!

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