Memories of Japan: Bitter Sweets Buffet♡

As many of you guys probably know already, Japanese people make some pretty amazing food!
Their restaurants are many really pretty, and the appearance of the food often just as pretty, or even prettier!

Undeniably, we weren't the most adventurous about food-tasting, or just most things in general, but thanks to our friends we really started loving all kinds of cakes. Which we didn't do as much before.
Now I just wonder if it is really a good thing? haha, either way, all the yummy cakes are always welcome in our tummies!

One of our favorite places was without a doubt "Bitter Sweets Buffet" it is located in Shinjuku's Lumine Est, and I think it was on the 5th floor, well either way it is pretty easy to get to!

Bitter Sweets is a really popular place and you usually have to wait to get in.
Before 5 o'clock the price is around 3000¥ and you can get all kinds of cakes, pastas, chicken, salads and well, just a lot of food! Then after 5 o'clock, getting in gets more expensive - around 5000¥.
The buffet gets more dinner-like and you get more fancier food.

The interior is really pretty, even though you can't really see it all too well from the picture above, as it is pretty much just the ceiling, but we wanted to show the ceiling at least so that we can show you the general feeling of Bitter Sweets *^^*

Here we are cam whoring with our friend while waiting in line for about 90 minutes, and oh my are Japanese people patient! So many places are like this, I mean, just think about the waiting times for some of the rides in Disney! 2, 3 hours! and they don't even mind!
Not that we did either! Unlike many Icelandic people that we know we are pretty patient! haha, thankfully we did not inherit our mother's impatience :p

Needless to say, we love the food there!
Just look at these lovelies!♡

We always ate so much that we were exhausted afterwards, but it was always so worth it!
Also, those mini burgers were so awesome!

Actually, the Japanese have a really awesome saying for times when you have already eaten your dinner, but would also like to eat your dessert!
that is "お菓子は別腹" (okashi ha betsubara), which means that the candy goes to another stomach, and we would always have fun with that when with our friends, as we would eat lots of food and be so full that we could explode, but you know "お菓子は別腹", sooooo we ate all the yummy desserts as well :p

We did post pics from Bitter Sweets in this post, but for memories sake, and also to be able to make a more detailed post about Bitter Sweets I wrote up this post, and I hope that you guys will like it!♡

We want to apologize about how little we have been posting lately, when we aren't doing anything special it kind of drags us down in a slump so we don't really do anything, and that is happening now.... and we are really falling behind of what we have wanted to do for our blog! We are really sorry about that!

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