Shinjuku, Harajuku, Shibuya

Waiting in line, but there are usually long lines to eat at Bitter Sweets.

On Friday our friend wanted to go shopping, so we headed over to Shinjuku and did some shopping there. But our real purpose to going to Shinjuku was so that we could go to a all you can eat restaurant called Bitter Sweets.

In Bitter Sweets you can get all kinds of food. Pasta, pizza, hamburgers, fish, risotto....etc!
oooh~ and all the desserts....<3 Crepé, waffles, gelé, muffins, shortcakes...etc!<3
In Bitter Sweets you get 90 minutes to eat and in the first 10 minutes, I think, we ate sooooo much that we just took a small break, then we ate MORE! But I, Lea, am a bit regretful, I wish I had eaten more...xD

 They had "Spiderweb" decorations in the loft, so cute^^
All of their interior decoration was really nice:)

Lea and Lea's legsxD We were wearing really high heels and some short skorts, so our logs seemed so looongx3

We did not really have much shopping to do in Shinjuku so on the way to go to Harajuku we spotted a cafe with some REALLY delicious looking cakes~<3

 OREO! Those are OREO MUFFINS!!!! *0*

 Of course some Valentine themed chocolate~^^

In Harajuku we walked down Takeshita Dori only to see that Liz Lisa has a 70% OFF SALE!!!!
Do you know what that does to two girls that love Liz Lisa??? It makes them go mad, absolutely mad and then they start spending money with a smile on their face so big, someone might think they should rather be in a mental home...xD

Champouf~<3 You are just way too cute to resistx3
The white one has a small blanket inside of him^^

 After going crazy in Liz Lisa we went to Prisila, where our friend got her first wig, and it is such a cute wig! We might even end up getting itxD but she looks so cute with it<3
We also tried on some long wigs, and I, Lea, really want a long one that I tried on>.<
We then also went to Forever21, but their accessories are always so cheap and cute, and we were in some dire need for new accessories^^

After that we took the train to Shibuya, but walking all day in new heels in not good for your feets, and I decided to fall in the stairs... thankfully we both have pretty good reflexes when it comes to situations like this and I managed to grab on a handle to avoid falling on my head, and with only a little scratch on my knee and some bruise on my ankle :)
But Emi had some flat shoes in her bag, so I could walk safelyxD
In Shibuya we went to OIOI since our friend wanted to check out Snidel there, and after that stores were closing so we went to take purikura and headed home:)

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