Filming at NHK

by - February 04, 2013

About a week ago Kayo contacted us about appearing on a television show with other gaijin gyaru on NHK, and seeing as that might be kind of fun we decided to join them^^
We had a meeting last week which we have already blogged about and then on Saturday we went to record the show~

Our outfit for the show

As we live quite far away from NHK, which is kind of between Shibuya and Harajuku, we had to wake up around 6 so that we could shower and have everything ready we needed to take with us, and take the train, but luckily we did not have to do our makeup before going.
But we were supposed to be at NHK at 10 so we had to arrive at Shibuya aroung 9:30, but then it turned out that NHK was REALLY close to the station, so it maybe only took us aound 10 minutes walking ti it^^
When we came we were brought to a room where we waited a bit, and then one of the producers (?) came and she briefed over what we where supposed to do on the show and then we were taken to rehersal.

After the rehersal we went back to our room and ate some bento that they had there for us and started doing our makeup~
We also all got our hair done so one by one we went to the hair artists and they made all of our hairs so cute<3
Sadly though, most of ust are maybe around an hour doing our hair, and the recording only started after three, so we had to wait for a LOOOONG time :<
But the girls we were with are very lively, so it was ok^^,

Around 1:30 Steffi and Tabea (I think that is her name>.<) came and joined us, but they were going to be watching the recording, and were so nice as to taking our pictures<3

When it was finally time to go on the show, everyone was pretty much dying of boredom, but we had decided to do our best and be there for eachother so that it would not become uncomfortable and so we could just all have a good time^^

We got really nervous though on the show, but I hope we did a good job
Afterwards my hands (Lea) were shaking, but that maybe also had something to do with the fact that we had had nothing to drink the whole day, but they only offered tea there, and sadly we don't drink tea...:(

Here is the set

After the show we wanted to meet Kumikky and after waiting for a bit a staff came and told us we had to wait for an hour to meet her as she had a photoshoot, so we decided to wait. Then after waiting for an hour they told us she was not yet finished that we might have to wait another 20 minutes, no one was really happy about it, but we decided to wait. But Shortly after she came, and she was SO SMALL>.< and so adorable<3 She talked a bit with us and took photos, but then she had to continue what she was doing :)

After that everyone wanted to go to an Izakaya since Linda's birthday had been two (I think) days earlier to celebrate, but Izakaya is a bit expensive for us so we decided not to go.

Despite all the waiting it was a pretty good day and the staff at NHK was all so extremely nice! So it was a really nice experience:)

For those that can watch Japanese TV the show will be on the 14th at NHK and is called Rの法則 (R no housoku), we don't know the timing, but we hope you can watch it! We will also try to find it online so we might show everyone :3

Top row: Tabea, Steffi, Emu, Linda, Ksara
Bottom row: Kumikky, Emi, Lea, Kayo

 As always, Thanks for reading<3
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