Tokyo Disney Land

On the 27th it was our friends(Li) birthday and as she wanted to go to Tokyo Disney Land we woke up at 6 to get ready and head over~
We did not eat any cake that day since we ate it the day before, but our friend(Haru) just came back from Okinawa and brought a cake to give our friend~^^
We know we still have not made a second part of our Disney Sea trip like we said we would do... but our pics are still in the camera and we can be so lazy ^^;

We headed out at around 8 so that we would be at Disney Land around 10, but we had already bought our tickets the day before at the Disney Store in Machida~^^

We started by dividing up, so we could queue up, and also get some fast passes and popcorn. So me and Emi went to the monsters inc. ride to wait, then after a 1 and an half hour wait the ride closed down do to some failure, but we got fast passes to use at any ride we wanted<3
So we went to the Buzz Lightyear ride, but that was no fun D: we were supposed to shoot at targets, but our guns did not show where they were pointed at so it was no fun..-.-'

After that we went to some kind of a spacecraft and flew a bit around in the air, we could control how high we went and even though I, Lea, am a bit scared of heights I always encouraged our friend to go higher and higherxD

Aaaaand we went for a drive, twicexD The first time we went two in one car, but then the second time we split up and each one of us had their own car :)

Of course we ate a LOT of popcorn, but we also tried cherros and some chicken^^
We went to the pirates of the Carribbean ride, and it was AMAZING! *0*

We played around a lot and took many pics, so this is actually more of a picture post, but hopefully that does not bother any of you^^

After some convincing Emi and Haru convinced me and Li to go with them on the roller coaster and we actually had a lot of fun, and instead of screaming Emi was laughing the whole timexD
Emi thought thought that although the ride was a lot of fun it got kind of boring after a while, since it wasn't really diverse.
Lea and our friend, Li, were very afraid of their wigs before the roller coaster ride, but things turned out alright :3
Then we also went on the cups, but that was a baaaad choice, we felt really bad afterwards...:s

We also went to the Pooh ride, and the outside and inside were really beautiful, it was a fun ride, but very childishxD

After much play we decided to get something to eat, we went to get some curry, because we love curryxD
Waking up early + playing all day + eating= tiredness, so after eating we were all very tired, so we fell asleep for about 15 minutes~ :3
After eating we went to the Space Mountain which is a roller coaster ride, and it was SO AWESOME!!! Definitely the best ride of the day!

That was our last ride of the day since Disney Land closed at 8 D:
We wanted to take a boat ride and try getting on the Monsters Inc. ride... but we had to just make do and go home after a good day^^

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