New mirror~

Yesterday we had an interview for our school's newspaper so we went to the dormitories where they would interview us and take a few photos of us^^
The interview was in Japanese, and we did pretty good, tried to explain sarcasm to the journalist, but like most Japanese, he did not understand usxD

At the same time we were being interview a bunch of other students that live in the dorms were there too, since they wanted pictures of students studying and truthfully it was a bit embarrassing sitting there being interview and having them there at the same time xD
Then we also had to get our pictures taken in front of them, which was much more embarrassing though...-.-' but oh well... xD

After the interview we wanted to do something, since we had already done our makeup an all^^
So we decided to go to Machida since we also wanted to go to Liz LisaxD
While looking at clothes we met one of our classmates and did some shopping with her^^
She always wears black stuff and seems really hardcore, so it was so funny dragging her to Liz Lisa, but the staff was so hyped up that I am sure she had a fun time there x3

After shopping in 109, we went to purikura and then did some more shopping in Donki and Matsumoto Kiyoshi, finally bought ourselves some Cure <3

This is probably one of our favorite purikura so far~<3

I am sure we have blogged about it before, but we bought a mirror about two weeks ago, and we finally got it today! >.<
It really is so amazing, we are in so much love with it<3

Oh! Also, when we went to the interview, one of the staff gave us a small newspaper that had an article about the fashion show we participated in~<3
So here you have a pic of that, and also of our outfits from rehersal/fitting^^

As always thanks for reading!
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