Rehearsal and SHOWTIME~<3

On last Saturday we participated in a fashion show, but before the fashion show there where two rehearsals, one that we have already talked about and the other which these photos are from:

It was a lot of fun and all the other models where so cute!!
On that day we practiced some more and we also got to choose which outfit we would wear><
There where also two male models, one of them you can see in one if the pictures above^^ But I think they where both in Mr. Obirin contest....although I am not sure since I suck at remembering faces, I just know that I voted one of them and I hope it was neither of them(Because it would be emberassing...since you had to put the vote in a box the contestants where holding...)

But well, we practiced a lot and since we had a lot of fun I think we where not to embarrassing up on therexD

Then came the actual day and we where there at 9 in the morning, but we took all our makeup with us and our contact lenses, weren't really sure how it would all be, and in fact it came to good use so it was a good thing we decided to bring it!^^
A girl called Kuma(she was also one of the models and SOOO cute~!) and another called One-san(?) did everyone's makeup.

As you can see we where in a tatami room and it was really funny because each time someone walked the tatami mats moved a bit like there was an earthquakexD
During the rehearsals and getting ready for the show there was also always someone taking pictures, and hopefully we will get those~^^

The outfits~

Two or three outfits missing from there though....

The fashion show was split in two parts the first one being Monotone, second Pastel and third Techno. Most of the clothes where either second hand or owned by the "stylist" I think it is best to call them that, there was also another fashion show with designers from some school(didn't get to see much of it though...).

Being able to be a part of a fashion show was a great chance for us! It is not something we want to pursue in the future, but being able to meet all of those people was so much fun! And it was actually quite fun walking the catwalk(? is that what it is called...?).
Ah! and it was actually really "harajuku kei"!^^ I liked that a lot, fun trying new stuff!
Everyone actually went out drinking afterwards....but since we do not drink and it cost 3000(all you can drink) we decided not to go.

Now we just have to wait to see the pictures, and I hope that will be as soon as possible><

Thanks for reading~^^

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