Went to Machida~~~

On Saturday we went to Machida, but we had originally thought we had plans(for some stuff we are helping with), but as it turned out that wasn't until the 11th, but since we had already gotten dressed we decided to go to Machida and buy pink jackets in Liz Lisa(Had been eyeing them for the longest time)
When we came there we where pondering on weather to buy them or not since it is summer soon and even though it would be really convinient for Icelandic COLD winter we decided to not buy it(and they also had only one)

But we also found one shirt that we had wanted to buy in Harayuku the day before, and then I, Emi, tried on some dresses. I picked four that I liked, one of them that I had been eyeing since it came, but the skirt is really low on it and dresses like that often make your waist appear to be really low, and that REALLY doesn't suit us, but I liked it and LOVED it! It was so different from what we shad originally thought!
And while I was wearing the dress one of the shop assistant came to me with a trench coat and asked if I wanted to try it on, of course I said yes(when it comes to Liz Lisa staff they are all so sweet that we always try what they suggestxD), and that trench coat was the cutest thing ever!

Japanese girls seem to like touching each others breasts quite much, so as I was trying on the coat the shop assistand said that I had big breast and asked if she could touch themxD and we went on talking about breast but she was wearing the same coat and wanted hers also to fill it out, and let us feel that she was wearing a padded bra.

Then we paid and got the new novelty items, which are a cup and teh smallest scale I have ever seen, and it can hold up to 180kg.... *0*

After Liz Lisa we headed to Ingni, but we really like theyr new clothes and Lea had been wanting one bag there for the longest time. But then we also bought shoesxD
When we where there one older african woman and japanese girl started talking to us(and the woman was so funny! we love people like her) and we then exchanged emails^^

Then we headed home....or not, on the train we suddenly decided to go out one stop before we got home to go to Donki and get some ice cream at Baskin Robins, although we ended up not going to Donki.
But we went to Æon, but Baskin Robins is there and we got our selves some oreo ice crea, since that is just the best thing in the world>< After Liz Lisa of course!

But there we also bought a gift for our mom~ When we shoved it to her she loved it and said that she wanted it, and was then of course very happy when we told her it was for her ^^

But there we also bought some boxes to help us organise our things at home....since we just hang all our clothes on the curtain racks....and then we have up until now had our makeup in pouches on the floor...:s

Then in the night after talking to our mom and grandma we decided to buy some stuff off from RyuRyu for our home>< We bought some kind of "floor chairs" since we only have a low table and always sit on the floor, and honestly our back and behind hurts soo much...:s

And then we bought this mirror in white! ~^^
Love it so much, and we are so looking forward to putting our accessories in it!

As always thanks for reading~ <3
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