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Today we woke up kind of late, but we still did our makeup since today we had a rehearsal for a fashion show. But it so happens that some students from our schoo, along with some other school are collaborating with Machida 109 to bring forth a fashion show, and we where asked to model in it>< We do not really aspire to be models, but we love trying out new things, and stuff like this also always allows you to meet new people>< 

So we said yes, and today was the first rehearsal!
We where supposed to meet up at 5:50 in front of Machida station....but we where a bit late, but they just waited for us><
There we met two of the other models, but only they and us of the models could come today(I think we are 10-12 in total), and they are so cute!!!~~~

First we where just briefed about how it would work and what we where supposed to do, and then we had a walk/pose rehersal, and it was surprisingly fun! Not as awkward as I would have thought and they where all so nice! Especially since we have once before helped with a fashion show as models, but that time we only had rehearsal on the ACTUAL day and they where really strick and not patient with us and we felt kind of bad and really shy because of it...(Had NO idea what to do and then we just heard someone half "screaming" at us in Japanese.
But everyone there really wanted it to also be fun for us and the other models! We loved that and felt so comfortable the whole time, and plus they where really funny!

The Fashion show will be on next Saturday, the 16th, in Machida 109 on the 7th floor, but it is really close to the exit of Yokohama line, so if anyone that reads our blog and is in Japan wants to come please coma and visit!><
Oh! and the fashion show starts at 4 and ends at 5, but if you want you can come earlier, since I think there will also be lot of other stuff going on, and if there isn't you can always just go shop in Machida 109 until it starts~ ^^

Thanks for reading and if you can come, we would love to see you~ <3
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