On Sunday we had to go shop for some food and decided to go to Kobuchi to do that, because we also wanted to go to Donki and buy some more boxes for our stuff.

And that Donki was BIIIIG!

We bought some lower lashes, and they where all really cheap!
Might not sound interesting, but we bought some ingredients for curry, the carrots, potatoes and onions where REALLY cheap there! So we have now enough to cook curry at least 6 times!>< We love curry so much! OH! and they also had a big pack of strawberries for only 200 yen! *0*
We also bought all kinds of masks there since they had a lot of korean ones on sale!><

Then we headed to Æon to buy the boxes, but notice that there was a Totoro plushie in one of the store, but our little niece had asked for one so we bought one and a keychain of Totoro for her^^
And also a "little" teddy bear for ourselves!><

Then like always when we go to Æon we looked at the animals, but they are always so cute!

Then we wanted to go take some purikura there, and it as it turned out both the machines there are REALLY old! One of them was an old one called "Bijin" with Tsubasa Masuwaka.
But it is always fun trying something new, although I was a bit surprised that it wasn't cheaper because of how old it was.

haha, I even think the Purikura LOOKS old, but since we had no makeup on we are only going to show you this picture of the purikuraxD
We then went to book off and bought FF XII for xBox>< and when Lea started playing it it was actually in English! xD Didn't suspect that, but then it was actually an international version or something^^

Thanks for reading~

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