Fluffy animals, Furby and KeraKera~

In the beginning of December we went to Machida after school on our way home, but we wanted to see a live concert with KeraKera infront of the station at around six.
But since school was done quite early we went to look at some stores first~
And we saw some really cute hamsters and bunnies~ <3
They where SOOO cute!

And we also saw the newest Furbie! We love Furbie, we used to own it when we where younger, but much to our dismay they where always breaking down D:
But now we really want to buy the new version so much ><

We also saw a lot of cute christmas decorations, and we so wanted to buy a lot of it, but felt like it was kind of a waste of money since we would only use it for a short time...and then it would have been trouble some to bring it back home:s

But then it was time to go see the concert and they sound so good, Meme is a really good singer and we where so happy when we talked to them and they remembered us from last time, since it was our second time going to their live.
But we then got to take a picture with them which also made us really happy~~ <3

 Picture from the second time and the first time

They also recently gave out a MV for their song "Daisuki dattayo". And it is a really good song so please check it out~

After  listening to them and talking to them a bit we decided to go and eat and decided to go for a shabu shabu all you can eat restaurant and it was SOOO good we got us two kinds one I do not know the name of and Kimchi, and the kimchi was so good!

It was kind of like a buffet, you could go and pick all the vegetables that you wanted, and we picked so many potatoes!!! We LOVE potatoes, in Iceland we used to it them few times a week.....xD
But we also picked some tofu and mushrooms, I (Emi) have really started to like mushrooms since we came to Japan, they have such different mushrooms than we have in Iceland.

Then we went home full(overly full) and happy~

Thanks for reading<3

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