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Hi gals!
Yesterday we went to Shinjuku at 9! But it so happens that some time ago Emi was asked to be a makeup model for a friend  of a friends friend(If that makes sensexD)
So since we had to be there at 9, we woke up at 6 so that Lea could put on some makeup before we went there^^

We where there from 9 to 4, so it took quite a long time, but the time just flew by!
Even though Lea had almost nothing to do(Except take pictures and camwhore), we both had a lot of fun!

Here are some photos that Lea took while they where doing my makeup and hair, and like you can see on the picture to the right, I look quite childish with that makeup and ponytails like that....xD
My friend laught so much when I said that I look childish on the picture, she obviously felt the same xD
I love how they did my buns on the left, but you can quite easily see ALL of my hair on that pictures, two simple braids and a bangs, that is all I have, everything else....FAKE.
But I absolutely LOVE to buns!

Then they added some ribbons on the bunns and then put those "extensions" on, but to have them stick up thet acctually had to fasten them tight to my shirt.....They where doing kind of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu theme with that hairxD I really liked this hair, much more fun to have something like this for a photoshoot rather than normal curls^^

Lea took some photos during the photoshoot, originally they wanted me to do some "kissy lips", if that is what it is called, but as for me I look HORRIBLY silly when I do that, so I got to skip doing that, and in the beginning I also had something on my lips(something to make them look better during the photoshoot) and because of that I couldn't even open my mouth, nor talk....xD
But they later on removed that^^
That picture on the right is a picture of one of the pictures taken^^ I will later then make a post with the photos taken when I get them^^
I am really looking forward to seeing them><

Took some photos together after the photoshoot, and then they clean off my makeup and took the hair off me^^ That makeup was a REAL cake makeup, you can't see it in the pictures but it was THICK, probably thicker than even most gyarus doo...xD
But because we where going to a meeting with Kayo and some other gaijin gyaru, I got to use their makeup, although they didn't have any bronzer or highlighter and had already packed their cheek colors down....and of course I had no eyelashes with me(fortunately I had taken my CL with me...).
But it was easy to fix that! We had to go to Harajuku to get our wig that we had bought. So we went to a makeup store there called "QUEST" I think, and I did some countoring there, put on some highlighter and cheekcolor and we bought lashes, having makeupstores like this when you need it is really convinient!^^

Also while we where in Prisila in Harajuku they took a pic of us to put on their blog!^^ Yay~
But I had no eyelashes on at that time...(nor all the other missing things) But I think the pictures came out fine~
Also! I love the hat that Lea is wearing there(she stole it from me)><

We then walked from Harajuku to Shibuya and went to SBY in 109 to fix our makeup and put on my eyelashes^^ And then went to meet Kayo and the others on the first floor of 109~
From there we went to 10sion to meet someone from NHK, and they interview us and while they where doing that we got some free food and drinks! YAY for free stuff! (Went the other day to a closing ceremony in our school just for the free food afterwardsxD And believe me...we ate....ALOT!)

After the meeting me and Lea then went to take some purikura~

As always, thanks for reading! <3 

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