Christmas? NOW!??

Christmas may be long gone...but like you know if you where following us at that time, our blog was dead so we made no post about it.
But since we are already posting some stuff that happened some while ago we thought we could as well post about our christmas!

Lets start the post off with a random christmasy purikura that we took with our friend when he came to Tokyo~ But it was taken way before christmas~

His parents where coming to Japan and where nice enought to bring with them present from our mom and grandmother <3
And we got lots of cookies~

Well then as for christmas day we decided to spend it with our friends~
Since in Japan the Christmases are for couples...and yeah...we all had free time....

Christmases here are REALLY different from what we are used to in Iceland. In Iceland everyone starts decorating in the beginning of December, and we listen to christmas song and have a nice time with our family. And we both really missed that feeling....we missed it enough to say to our mom and grandma that we want christmas dinner when we get back home!

And we thought we would be fine without christmas.... -.-'

 Emi's camwhoring pic and our christmas day outfit.
Sweater from Liz Lisa and skirt from Cecil McBee(Lea doesn't really like it that much but I love it so much><)

Our christmas dinner~
We cooked nabe with our friends and it was so good, we all love nabe so muchxD
But on the side we also had cucumber wrapped in raw ham!
We are telling you, you should all try it!
It also has some pepper and oil on top of it~

Then we had to go home early since we lived in Setagaya and that is far away from Fuchinobe and our last bus home was at 10....which suck so bad, but YAY we have moved!!!

After taking the train and while waiting for our bus to arrive I asked Lea to take a pic of me with my boyfriend, but I seem to have them scattered around. That one is my second one, but I also have one in bad I can never take him anywhere with me....since he is a wall.....but well...

Then when we got home we camwhored a bit with our plushies~
We love them so much, I (Emi) call the Fifi and Fufu but Lea dislikes that, but I still think it is funny and that it suits them~

Thanks for reading~

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