Cute Temple

by - January 24, 2013

Talk about taking our time...^^,
So on the 8th of October we decided to go ahead and finish our health insurance, only to end up not being able to finish it.... since the 8th was some kind of an national holiday, and even though I, Lea, had known beforehand I COMPLETELY forgot about it! :<

But, we needed to do some homework, so we went searching for a library and on the way we found a really cute temple, and a Totoro shaped tree^^
We saw some other cute stuff on the way, but didn't take pictures of it all>.<

Just how cute is this!!!? Found this at a elementary school^^

Here below are then some pictures from the temple, we do not know what purpose this temple serves, but judging from the weird looks we got when we got out, our guess is that it is for something strabge :P That or just the fact that we are foreigners....xD

These pictures really make us miss summer, though we do not miss the humidity from it, but everything was so beautiful in the summer<3
Now it is just cold</3
But we hope you found this as beautiful as we found it and enjoyed seeing these pictures :0

Thanks for looking!^^

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