Disney Sea Pt.1

In December we went to Tokyo Disney Sea with our friends, and we had such a blast!
The lines for rides where kind of long, so in a way we could not do that much, but we ate popcorn and curry and watched their awesome show on the sea.

The first ride we went to was the Tower of Terror, and the line was reeeaaallly long, when we finally got in our ride it was awesome, and we were so scared!!!
I, Lea, felt like I would just fly out of my seat and I just grabbed onto Emi and my friend... so scary, but so awesome at the same time, would definitely recommend people to go to that ride!

Emi and one of our friend's wanted to go to a roller coaster ride, and they had to wait in line for two hours before getting on! Talk about crazy lines!
Me and our other friend walked around the area in the meanwhile, since there was no specific ride we wanted to take.
But we went to Arabic and Rode on the Carousel, saw Triton's Castle and rode on another ride there, while enjoying the warmth insideXD Then we saw another show on the sea~

When the roller coaster ride was finally over we went and ate some curry and went to see the Aladdin Theater. It was so awesome! At first there was a 3D snake telling us a story of the lamp, and then we moved into another room where we saw a play, but the Genie was on the screen, and it felt so real!
We where so happy after seeing it!

 Since we have a lot of pictures, we will make another part of our day in Disney Sea, hope you look forward to it~<3

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