New Year's Day

Since we have been bad bloggers the last two months, we kinda need to catch up~
So why not at least get new year's out of the way...?

We started the day of course just getting ready, doing our makeup and hair, but then around 5 or so we went with the family we lived with at the time, our uncle and his wife and some acquaintances of them skating<3

It was so mush fun, this was I think our 3rd or maybe 4th time skating, but we love it so much!
We are always so nervous and clumsy at first, but then we were just going as fast as we could, but no tricks from us, just no thanks!

After that we went to our uncle's house where we just kind of chilled and watched TV until we went to Gonpachi for a new years party there^^
It was not exactly our kind of place, but we met some people from our uncle's wife's fashion show, and we managed to have some fun :P

I think one of the best things though was seeing Yusura, she is a member of the Cirque Du Solei, and she is so beautiful!!!!
She was wearing such a beautiful Kimono and her makeup and hair was so amazing!<3

After that we also went to a club in Shinjuku, but that was a very quick stop... thankfully!
It was getting around 5 in the morning, so we where kind of tired, and it was really good to finally lay in our beds<3

A few days after New years day we went with our friends to Machida's Tenmanguu, where we did our first hatsumode :)

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