Ikea in Shin Yokohama

After shopping in Yokohama, we decided to go to Ikea in Shin Yokohama as it was not too far away^^ So we went to Shin Yokohama and from there they have a FREE bus to Ikea, we love them for that!!<3

One of our favorite rooms there<3

We have always loved Ikea so much, and in Iceland we loved going there, though we did not go THAT often^^
It was really quite different though going to Ikea in Japan than how it is in Iceland.
I am guessing many of you might have gone to Ikea before, but also many of you might have never been there, but on the second floor are all the furnitures inside rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms and so on and it always looks so great!
But in Iceland people usually just look at it for a bit and then they continue, but here in Japan they kind of PLAY in itxD like the children were just going CRAZY! xD
We also might have gone a bit crazy~x3
Also our friend who is Chinese told us that Chinese people sleep on the beds in IkeaxD That is just hilarious!

Lea decided to become a housemother and started cooking in one of the kitchens^^

 We acctually went to the toilet in Ikea when we got there and changed clothes,
as we were just too excited to try our new things~~~<3
So here is our look of the Ikea part of the dayxD

                                        Lea                                                                            Emi

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