Shopping in Yokohama

On Saturday we decided to go shopping in Yokohama Vivre as there was a special sale going on in Liz Lisa there... which it then turned out not to be, there was a sale, but I think we must have misunderstood somethingxD


But the shop staff at Liz Lisa were so nice, as always!!
We just love going to Liz Lisa because of them! We will definitely have to take pictures with them one day<3

We looked around Vivre and decided on a set on sale in Ingni that included a sweater, skirt and some thingy around your neck. Then we went to Liz Lisa and bought a sweater and a skirt on sale there^^
Sadly the color of the sweater that we wanted was finished so we could not buy it, but the other one was also really cute!

Skirt and sweater from Liz Lisa, 6300円

Set on sale from Ingni, around 4000円

Then we also went to Sweets Paradise and it was so yummy!!!
We ate until our stomachs were hurting...>.< but it was still worth it, they have such good cakes and their pasta  is also amazing!!!

 Some delicious cakes, excuse the messy plate, was probably the third time or somethingxD

We had a lot of fun, but at the end we were sooo tired, but we can't wait to get more money so that we can buy some of Liz Lisa's new collection, which is absolutely amazing! <3
But we also really want some new circle lenses and eye lashes>.<

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