Shopping in Roppongi/Harajuku

Today we went with our friends to Roppongi and Harajuku since we got our school loan!
Although we got it WAY earlier than we expected>< Which was great for us!

We first went to some kind of an outlet in Roppongi and they had a lot of 109 brands but not much that we liked D:
But at least our friends found something they liked,  one of our friends even found a jacket from Moussy I think for 5000, just because there was a bit of a pen ink on it!

Then we headed to Harajuku(after eating McDonaldsxD), we wanted to go to JudgeEtta, we really wanted to buy their tight fitted...almost....our waist is to big for their skirts-.-'

After that we headed towards LaForet and they where so PACKED! It was just tiring being inside there, so many people everyone shouting about their sales and being pushed around...

One of our friend wanted to get to a time sale at five at one of the shops, but when it started it was like crazy and she just immediately backed was impossible....

Then we went out of LaForet and we wanted to go to Prisila, while our friend wanted to go to Spinns, so we split up for a while and we went with one of our friend to Prisila where we bought a wig!
We have been wanting one for a while! They actually didn't have two of the one we wanted now, but we will pick it up later!^^

So here are some pics of it and of us camwhoring!~



On our way home we stopped at Mocha and bought that hat!
Me(Emi) had actually been wanting a hat for a while but never found just the right one until today and Lea got some earrings ~

But before we headed home we where all really thirsty and stopped by at 7Eleven in Takeshita Dori and bought Slurpy....not such a good idea since it was really cold.... -.-'

AH! I almost forgot.....-.-'
We also stopped by at Liz Lisa and bought a jacket on the sale!
There is also one dress that I really want, but I am starting to think that it is already sold out!!! :'(
Which sucks so bad.....
But we also got a novelty and bought their body lotion, it smells so good!! We have been wanting it for a while now, but never actually bought it....

Then when we came home we stopped by at a 100yen store and bought some lashes~
Yay~ hope their quality is good, but they where cheap so we can't really complain....xD

Thanks for reading~ <3

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