Past few days~

This last week we have been REALLY busy!
Our friend, who is studying in Kyoto, came with her boyfriend to Tokyo in the middle of the month and we met up with them on Wednesday, we first had to go to the ward office in Setagaya to tell them we had moved out and then we headed to Shinjuku, Lumine EST, and ate at Bitter Sweets together before heading off to Harajuku.
But our friend has been in love with lolita for a long time and has finally started buying lolita clothes! So we took her to all the lolita stores we knew about! She bought a really cute shirt and shoes, but she had already bought a dress.

Then we also headed to Pricila, but she wanted to buy some bangs~~~><
We don't have any pictures from Wednesday, but we had SOOO much fun! It had been like five months since we last met!
We then decided to go again to Harayuku together next Sunday, since she wanted to go out in her new clothes~

Then on Thursday we had an interview with our school paper. And since we had dolled up we decided to go to Machida since we wanted to check out Liz Lisa's new offer. But before we went downstairs in Machida 109, sice they have one really cute and cheap store there and bought some really cute clothes there!
And also by coincidence we met one of our classmate who is from England and went shopping with her! I think for onlookers it must have been funny to see us together since she wears only black clothes while we where all pink and whitexD

Friday was pretty normal, we had to go to the ward office to change our adress, had been dragging that out for way to long and then we just relaxed and watched Star Gate SG-1(Love it so much!!!!)

On Saturday we went to Shibuya to meet Rin and her boyfriend and we had a lot of fun! It is funny how time flies by when you are looking through all the stores in 109><
We also had a really nice time talking to the staff in Golds Infinity and Rose Fan Fan! They where both so nice and funny! The one in Rose Fan Fan was especially funny, she had such extreme reactions at times, we just LOVED it!
Rin found herself some reallu cute outerwear and then a dress in Liz Lisa, we also bought their new Liz LisaxMy Melody dress, but with thad dress comes a My Melody Doll in the exactly same dress!!! Love it so much!

Ah! And we also got us some crepe and tapioca in SBY and saw Hello Kitty DJ-ing!
Everything that Hello Kitty did was UBER CUTE!
And We got to hug her and take pictures with her! I have never been a big fan of Hello Kitty(More of a My Melody/Rilakkuma fan) but after seeing this Hello Kitty mascot I just love her><
(You should just have seen how she walked and posed!)

Then after eating some late night dinner we headed home~ But while on the train we suddenly really wanted to take some purikura and we jumped off the train in Machida and took some><

Then on Sunday it was time to meet our friend again~~~ yay~~~
We decided to meet in Shibuya, to go to SBY to curl our friends hair~ and it turned out so cute!
We then decided to go eat before heading to Shibuya, we had been eyeing one place that had a dish that costed around 1300, but it had omu rice, pasta, hamburger, fried shrimp and something else and salad so we decided to go to that place and we all ended up getting that dish!
And wow! That salad was the best ever! Wouldn't mind buying just that!

In Harajuku we went to Closet child, but we also went there last time together, and our friend found a type of skirt she was looking for and she just found some random shirt to try it with, but ended up liking the shirt so much that she bought both! And it looked so good!

And of course we took some purikura!!!


We then decided to go to Kiddy Land, but on the way there we found one Lolita store that our friend loves and also went to La Foret and Forever 21 and took a video of us dancing in the escalatorxD That was so much funxD
Then we went to Kiddy Land and we bought Licca's little sister Miki, she is so cute! And also two dresses for her!
They of course also had a Rilakkuma section, but our friends boyfriend really loves Rilakkuma and eventually we went out before himxD But we bought our grandmother a Scorpio Rilakkuma, since they had kind of Zodiac versions of Rilakkuma, we wanted to buy Gemini...but we didn't like how he looked....D:

Then becuse our feet where tired we went to the nearest McDonalds and sat down there for a while before we headed home. But that was probably only aroun 9ish...quite early but we where really tired because of how often we had been going out lately(We are getting old....:s xD)(Oh! and we also ate crepe! I love cheesecake crepe so much!><)

That's all for now! Thanks for reading!><
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