So today (or yesterday since it is already past midnight) we had an interview at our school, but they wanted to have us in the school newspaper, but today was kind of just a pre-interview(if you can say that?), then later they will have the real interview if the journalists like the idea.

We did our makeup and stuff for the interview, so to not let that go to waste we decided to go to Machida and have some fun^^ Which means SHOPPING!

We went to 109 and met our friend there, we bought some lovely mint green shoes, but we really love mint green it is such a wonderful color! <3
We have loved this color for so long, but until now we have not acquired many items in that color until now. 

Then we went to Liz Lisa and bought some stuff there, yaaaay~~~ ...even though we had kiiiiind of promised ourselves not to go there... (^^;
Weeeell, we ended up with two novelty prizes, a bag and a curling iron~ but the curling iron will be sent home to us so we can't show pictures of it here^^,

These shoes are soooo cute<3 And that onepiece thingy from Liz Lisa is so awesome! And we are sorry about the picture, it does not do it any justice...:/

That bag was a novelty prize if you bought for more than 15.000円 ... which we can do quite easily..(^^;
We also really love Liz Lisa's tanktops so much, especially the chain they always have at the back, it is so beautiful<3 Just like all of Liz Lisa's clothes x3

And here are some clothes we bought the other day at their sale~

Wore this onepiece thingy today, we had been eye-ing it for the longest time, and then we decided to finally try it on, and it turned out really well<3
We wore it with a Liz Lisa cardigan, but it is not on the picture^^

We also went to Journa and looked at Ingni and some other stores, but then we were all just so tired and hungry, so we decided to head home and cast off all the stuff we had and went to a ピザ食べ放題 (Piza tabehoudai) or a all you can eat Pizza Restaurant.
You can choose from 3 types of tabehoudai's, A is all you can eat pizza, a main dish and salad and a drink bar, the other ones add dessert, but we would rather just buy sweets from the conbinixD

We ordered chicken steaks with some french fries, which was really good, and so was the salad.
But, the pizza service was kinda too slow for usxD they walk around with pizza and offer us a slice, and they were small, so at first we were so impatient since we were so hungryxD but the pizza's there were really good! especially the potato/bacon one!<3

 Our salads and yummy melon soda, mixed with calpis<3 so yummy^^

 Also got a curry pizzaxD ...and decided to add some rice on topxD

Then we went home and helped our friend a bit, but she recently started a shopping service on Taobao so she has been really busy exchanging e-mails with customers and buying stuff^^
But her customers said her pics of the clothes sucked so she asked us to put them on to take pictures, just hope it turns out goodxD and then we did some cleaning... so we are REALLY tired now>.<

Thanks for reading!
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