Trying out new stuff~~~

I have always liked trying out new stuff, and while browsing through the newest Egg magazine and looking at Yun's makeup tutorial I suddenly felt the urge to to my eyeliner and lashes the same way as she does!
So today, without having any intentions of going out, I did my makeup and hair and used her eyemakeup as my inspiration~

How I did my eyeliner and how hers looks in the magazine.
And my makeup finished, I quite liked my makeup today, but I think next time I will try extending my eyelashes more out from my eyes and having my lower lashes more "up" if that makes sense...
Afterwards I tried filling the gap between my lashes and eyes with black to see how that turned out, and honestly it really did not suit me.... So I will not do that again....xD

 And here are some camwhoring pictures of me~
We will make another blogpost soon with LOTS of camwhoring pictures of both me and LeaxD
And then you will also be able to see our outfit from today...although it was pretty plainxD (But I liked it either way~^^)

 And as always thanks for reading~~~^^
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