Sugizo's realease event

Yesterday was one of the best day in our lifes!!!!
We went to Sugizo's live for a second time and it was AMAZING!
No words can describe how amazing he is on stage and how good he is on the guitar and violin, and just how amazing he is as an artist!

The event was in Club Asia in Shibuya, it fits around 300 people and it was so full!!!
Since our uncle was to be DJ-ing before Sugizo we were there around 5 with our uncle and his wife.
We had to wait for awhile until the event started, and we got a bit drowsy, but we talked with some acquaintances there and took some pictures together^^

 Our uncle's wife, Eiko(She is a designer), Lea, Emi and a model(She was also in Eiko's fashion show a few months ago that we participated in)

With Naomi also, she is a die-hard fan of Sugizo :3

Here we are with one of Eiko's assistants, she is soooo small *0*

Then the show began with our uncle DJ-ing songs from his CD, his songs were very good, and he did a good job, and the audience also seemed to have a very nice time! :3

so let's just have some pic spam of him :3

Sugizo makes the BEST faces when he performs, he is so into his music, but sadly we were not able to catch his face a lot :'(
Then after the show we went back were we had been waiting before and after awhile he came there and he talked with us!!!!! :O:O:O
He came and talked with us on his own accord! We were so extremely happy! x3
Then he went and talked with some other people, and then it was picture time.... everyone was getting their pictures taken with him by a guy there with a really nice camera, but we were too shy to ask also... :'(

Talking with Sugizo *0*

But then he came and talked to us again and he said let's meet again!!!! do you know what that did to our tiny hearts that were already beating too fast!?!?!
Our friend, Naomi, then asked him for a picture together so we mustered up the courage to do the same^^

Here is our picture with him <3 Our second picture, and hopefully not the last!!!!
We also Met Yusura from cirque du soleil, she is so talented and beautiful! We have already met her a few times, and she is so diverse in her look that she is just amazing! <3

Earlier in the day we also received Sugizo's new CD from our uncle, we so wanted to get an autograph on it, but we neither had a pen or the courage to do itxD but there might always be a second time, right?
All in all, this was one of the best day in our life and we could definitely die happy!

(Some of these pics are not ours, but from people we know on facebook^^)

As always, thanks for reading <3

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