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April 10, 2013

We have been really lazy with blogging lately, but since school will be starting soon, I think it would be best if we would catch up a bit with our blogging:s xD

So lets start with something from last month! (Because that's how lazy we have been.... xD)

 We went to Machida with our friend, but she absolutely loves ramen and some while ago we had found out that there was one Ramen shop in Machida that was supposedly really good so we decided to go check it out.
After looking around for it for a bit we found it, but since it would only open at 5 we decided to head to Machida 109 and look at some clothes~
So of course we ended up dragging our friend to Liz Lisa, but Liz Lisa is "kind if" opposite to our friends style xD

We ended up staying there for a bit, bought something(don't remember exactly what...XD) and asked about the Machida 109 only dress, and decided to go early next morning to buy it><

In Machida 109 we went to the Disney store and bought that addition to the family~ So cute! >.< We have actually bought quite many teddy bears lately~ <3

We then went to the shop to eat and it was really good! They had something like a healthy menu, so we decided to try that and it was really good! The dessert was some kind of a pudding that had a subtle taste of coffee, neither of us likes coffee, but I(Emi) liked it, since it was not bitter, but Lea ended up giving hers to our friendxD

It was also really funny, 2-3 times that day we heard songs by Atomic Kitten and found out that our friend also likes them very much, and in that Ramen shop we ended up talking about disney and as we where talking about A whole new world, it started playing in the shopxD

After eating we then dragged our friend to purikura~ <3

 Thanks for reading and sticking around even though we are often so lazyxD

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