In the beginning of last month we went to Yokohama to meet our friend and her boyfriend.
But before doing that we had to go to Liz Lisa to buy the Machida 109 special dress, we where only supposed to meet our friend at 1, but since Liz Lisa opens at 10 we decided to be there early, since we where not risking being too late in getting the dress.

So if I remember correctly we where there at half past 8...and there where only two girls in front of usxD
Which was quite nice I guess, although the line started getting a bit longer after that(BTW I REALLY wanted the Kyoto one D:)

After getting the dress we went for some purikura~~~~ <3
 (btw Just look at that V shape that I appear to have in that purikura!!>< Love it so much~Emi)

Since we had not much to do and it was only a little past 10 we decided to just head early to Yokohama, which I think was a good decision since we had COMPLEATLY forgotten the way to Vivre and we wanted to take our friend there since they have some Lolita shops, but after wandering around we finally found it, and we can confidently say that getting lost going to Vivre will NOT happen again xD

In vivre we decided to check out Liz Lisa, although we had just been there.... but then headed back to the station to go get our friend and her boyfriend.

We looked around there for a while and then ate at Sweets Paradise~ Always when we eat there I always end up eating more of the tomatoes than the cakesxD

(Ate a lot, as you can see, and also ate some shaved ice cream, love it so much!!~ <3)

Our friend then wanted to go to closet child, and we had quite a lot of trouble finding it....
We only managed to find it when we found the mens one and where standing there confused when some guys came to talk to us, asking us what we where looking for, and fortunately they knew exactly where it was and lead us there.
And to our surprise and joy they not only had lolita clothes but also dolls!!! We where so happy, especially since they also had one lati white doll that we fell in love with!
We did not have money for it at that time, so we decided to return back the next day to get it(Even though we had already decided to do something elsexD)

But after some successful shopping we went to purikura~

We then also went to another part of Yokohama, but they wanted to go on the ferris wheel and maybe some other rides, but they ended up only going on some rollercoasterxD While we sat there waiting for themxD
It was actually quite funny, some foreigners came up to us and asked us in Japanese weather it was OK to take pictures with us, and after answering them in Japanese we told them jokingly that we spoke english since we where from Iceland not JapanxD
People seem to mistake us quite often for japanese, even though we look nothing like japanese peoplexD
They then returned and we all headed home, tired....

Then the next day we returned to Yokohama to buy our doll, which we later named Nemy^^

We also went to volks in Yokohama and they had some really pretty dolls there!
We also ended up buying a wig for Nemy and cutting it up....but it somehow looks weird..... but well....

That's all for now, thanks again for reading <3

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