Sales post~ Liz Lisa

May 01, 2013

Hi gals~
We have been intending to make a post like this for a while, so we finally got to it now.
What we are selling are 2 Liz Lisa scales, a curling iron(also liz Lisa), 4 tops(two of them unused) and 2 skirts(unused).

 Unused 30+shipping

 (Unused) 30+shipping

(Used twice) 20+shipping (Have 2 of these)

 (Unused) 30+ shipping for each

 (Unused) 30+shipping (We have two of these)
It supports up to 180kilos, and the screen slides out from the bottom of it, so it does not take up much space.

 (Unused) Curling Iron 30+shippingsold

Everything is from Liz Lisa(and from this year)
We accept only paypal and the paypal fees are included in the price.
If you want to buy something the best way to reach us it by mail,

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