Rienda Valentines Collection+ New Items

by - January 30, 2015

Hi gals!
Spring is slowly coming around in most countries, and even though it is far off in the future here in Iceland, it is already getting a bit warmer in Japan, and not to mention that they are already bringing out their spring collections. Rienda also just recently announced that they will start selling their Valentines clothes from the 6th of February. So we decided to show you gals what they will be selling + some new spring items♡


 Like every spring pastels are really popular and I really love Rienda's coords here!
Everything is looking so good!  I would love to try out everything, but the one I want the most is the bottom pink/white dress. The skirt is so pretty!

It also seems that they will bring out the sets in more colors as one of the Rienda Girls, Arisa, has posted a picture of herself in the middle pink dress in black.
Would love to see the pink/white dress in black also!

Looks great right!?

Which one is your favorite?
I would love to get the peplum set, and of course the valentines dress♡

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